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Tue, 23 Sep 1997 14:20:19 -0400 (EDT)

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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 97 10:57:00 PDT From: "Euler, Catherine [CES]" <C.Euler@lmu.ac.uk> Subject: Protests at US-NSA Spy Base; Help! To: Abolition 2000 <abolition-caucus@igc.apc.org>

Thanks to those of you who phoned or faxed regarding the situation at the Menwith Hill US-NSA Spy Base in North Yorkshire. Three more women were arrested yesterday afternoon, for removing bylaws signs. They were held for five hours, charged with criminal damage, and released. The bylaws were declared invalid by a judge at York Crown Court on 5 September, 1997.

More action needed: Harrogate District Council is apparently thinking about trying to evict the women's peace camp again. It was on the council's agenda yesterday, but they went into a private room to discuss it. We have had a permanent protest outside the base for over three years. If an international voice could be heard in Harrogate, this would help a great deal. Please send a fax to Harrogate District Council suggesting that they leave the camp in peace, that we are doing work of benefit to humanity, that we are resisting the destruction of civil rights and working for peace. If you fax them, they will know we are not alone. Please fax today!!! If anyone out there has a web site they could put this information on, that would also help. Thank you! Harrogate District Council Fax: 00-44-1423-530982. Highways Dept. Fax (in charge of eviction): 00-44-1609-779838

Please continue to ring to ask why the Ministry of Defence police are still arresting women under bylaws which have been declared invalid: Ministry of Defence Police at Menwith Hill: 00-44-(0)1423-777-825; Menwith Hill US-NSA Spy Base:00-44-(0) 1423-770-421;

MENWITH HILL WOMEN S PEACE CAMP Kettlesing Head Layby Outside US-NSA Spy Base A59 and Constable Ridge Road Near Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 2RA England Can be reached via: c.euler@lmu.ac.uk

Women s Peace Camp (messages): 00-44-(0)-1904-468593

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