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James Dumaine (James_Dumaine@babylon.montreal.qc.ca)
22 Sep 1997 23:52:56 GMT

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ON THE BLACK LIBERATION ARMY by Jalil Muntaqim aka Anthony Bottom

The Montreal Anarchist Black Cross has just published a new pamphlet about the history of the Black Liberation Army, titled "ON THE BLACK LIBERATION ARMY, by New York Three Black Panther/ BLA political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim (Anthony Bottom). Originally written in 1979, it has been redone in pamphlet form with a new introduction by the author, and includes a short biography, and partial listing of BLA prisoners. This pamphlet comprises a chapter from a soon to be published compilation of Jalil's prison writings, "We Are Our Own Liberators!". It offers valuable insights into the history and lessons of the Black Liberation Movement being waged in North America. Profits from the sales of this pamphlet go to Jalil directly to help offset the costs of publishing his upcoming book. To order a copy contact the following organisations:

IN CANADA send $2 per copy to:

Montreal ABC-SG 2035 St. Laurent, 2e etage Montreal, QC, H2X 2T3 Canada

or email: james_dumaine@babylon.montreal.qc.ca

IN THE USA contact:

New Jersey ABC-BG P.O. Box 8532 Paterson, NJ 07508-8532, USA

email: pacnjabc@hotmail.com

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