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Tuesday September 16 7:07 AM EDT

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuter) - An American who left the Marine Corps and fled to Canada in 1968 rather than serve in the Vietnam War, is being held at a California Marine base awaiting desertion charges, the Canadian Press news agency reported Tuesday. Randy Caudill, 48, was arrested on a routine trip across the Washington-Canadian border last week, when his name appeared on a clearance check. Caudill, who has landed immigrant status in Canada, was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Ohio. He joined the Marines in 1966 and left two years later after learning his unit was headed for Vietnam, the news agency reported. Caudill was put in a holding cell in Washington for two days, and then flown to San Diego, from where he was taken north to Camp Pendleton. There, he received a physical and was found "fit for confinement," Staff Sgt. Glenn Holloway told CP Monday from Camp Pendleton. After one day at a Marine brig at Camp Pendleton, Caudill had a hearing and was released to a separations company, an area reserved for Marines about to leave the service. "He's in restricted status. He is permitted to go to the mess to eat, to the chaplain and that's pretty much the extent of his restrictions. We don't consider him a risk," Holloway said. It's expected Caudill will be formally charged this week with desertion. During the administration of President Jimmy Carter, amnesty was granted to draft dodgers but not to deserters.

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