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>Important Message - Quick Response Required!
>Hello Brothers & Sisters;
> The official website for Windsor's Day of Action is now online.
>Authorized by the Windsor & District Labour Council, this site aims to
>educate and stimulate the general population so that they will be prepaired
>to take a stand October 17. The site has been designed so that anyone
>involved with the fightback campaign (community or labour), at any level,
>will have the opportunity to voice their concerns.
> The reason you are recieving this message is because we need your help!
>All the good intentions and creative design techniques WILL NOT make the
>Windsor Days Website a useful tool or internet success. It takes content
>to keep visitors at the site and interested in returning. That is where
>YOU come in, we need articles and stories!
> Submissions are being requested under the following headings/topics:
>1/ Leadership Messages: Community and labour leaders are asked to submit
>articles explaining why these protests are important and what they are all
>about. Links will be supplied back to the author or groups website or
>2/ Ludicrous Legislation: In this area we are seeking pointed articles
>discussing specific legeslation. The current government has been very busy
>and there are a lot of Bills either passed or pending that need to be
>discussed. Links will be provided to websites with detailed information
>related to each topic. Articles under the general headings of "Health
>Care", "Education", "Poverty", etc. are also welcome since it can be hard
>to relate these issues back to any single bill.
>3/ Harris Horror Stories: This area is wide open for ANY individual or
>group to submit an article on any topic related to Ontario or the Fightback
>Campaign. Have you or a loved one been left waiting untreated in the
>hospital hallway for hours? Have you been downsized? Have you been forced
>to allow scabs across your picket lines? I think you get the picture, if
>you think you have a Harris Horror you want others to know about, then
>submit it here and spread the word. Links will be supplied to websites
>with content related to your topic.
> So as you can see there is a lot og ground to cover! And as we need you
>to join us in the streets October 17, we also need YOUR thoughts and
>experiences to join us online as soon as possible! The earlier an article
>is submitted, the more people you will be able to share your message with.
> http://www.netcore.ca/~rspring/wdlc/
>E-Mail Submissions to:
> rspring@netcore.ca

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