(en) anarchist prisoner under attack in TX

Claustrophobia (claustro@charm.net)
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 23:15:43 -0400

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Solidarity for Anarchist and Anti-Racist Prisoner Chris Plummer Under Attack in Texas

On 8-26-97 I was removed from my cell, all my property was torn apart and all of my paper and envelopes were taken from me, about 20 minutes after I was taken out of my cell (this time without any clothing!) I was placed in the shower for approximately 2 hours. Then I was forced to walk (butt ass naked) out of the pod down the hall to F-pod to high precaution cell #76. I was later given a set of clothes and told that the Lt. wanted to speak with me. I was taken down the hall to a room where all my personal property was on a table. A Sgt. told me (with a video camera on) that I was being charged with conspiring to smuggle guns into the prison. This is bullshit. Since then I have been forced to strip and cell searches every 30 minutes. I have been threatened as well. I have not been allowed to have my property not even an envelope. My legal work has been destroyed and my legal mail opened.

Now let me give you some back ground info - thereís a brother here named Tony Collins who two years ago was busted with a .38 caliber pistol. Now he was convicted last month. Well on 8-23-97, three days before I got popped, I sent out a notice on behalf of Cell One to Frank San Miguel, Black Autonomy and Raze the Walls - to initiate the Emergency Response Network cause he was being threatened with death and he needed some help. I then let Warden Moya know I was in firm support of Mr. Collins and that I would pursue all legal means if he was assaulted or harmed in any way.

I have been pulled out of my cell an average of 13 times per 8 hour shift. I have not had a solid hours sleep in three days. They refuse to allow me to even have stamps or writing materials. And I have no doubt that soon they will carry out some of their threats. Of course, there is alot I canít put into words as they will manipulate it.

Please photo copy this and put it out there. Ask that people call and write to the Warden here and the Director of the Texas Department of Corrections. This is urgent.

Refuse, Resist, Exist, Chris

Warden Moya Rt. 2, Box 4400 Gatesville, TX 76597 254/865-6663

Wayne Scott, Director TDC P.O. Box 99 Huntsville, TX 77342 409/295-6371

We ask people to make the following demands to the authorities:

1. Drop the guns charges against Chris Plummer #677345 2. Drop all threats and intimidation tactics against Chris Plummer and Tony Collins. We will be watching if attacks are made against either. 3. Return all property stolen from Chris Plummer, and stop the harrassment.

Please send a copy of any letters sent to: Claustrophobia P.O. Box 1721 Baltimore, MD 21203 Chris Plummer is an anarchist locked-up in Texas for the last three years for breaking into a nazi supporters house and stealing propaganda and other materials. Since being locked down he has been involved with anti-racist organizing with in the prisons and the dissemination of anarchist literature through a lending library. For this work he has been attacked by Nazis and Bureaucrats alike. Chris can be reached by writing to the following:

Chris Plummer #677345 Rt 2, Box 4400 Gatesville, TX 76597

The Anarchist Black Cross Network organizes an Emergency Response Network to back up comrades inside who are under attack, or are in need of some type of assistance (e.g. medical treatment). Anyone who would like to connect with this network or link up with anti-prison struggles going on is encouraged to write us:

Claustrophobia P.O. Box 1721 Baltimore, MD 21203 claustro@charm.net http://www.charm.net/~claustro

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