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Those of you who have followed the a-infos project over its first 2 years will be much dismayed to read this message. We salute a friend and send condolances to those who loved him. -----------------------------------------------------


During the night of 1st/2nd September Enrique Mur Zubillaga, 'Kike', died at the open prison in Torrero, aged 25, having spent 15 months of a 2 year, 4 month and 1 day jail sentence for refusing to domilitary service. The death was caused, it would seem, by some form of intoxication, one month before he would have been eligible for parole. All information point to the likelihood of negligeance on the part of the prison services.

According to the version given by the authorities Kike's death was due to natural causes after being taken ill at about 2 o'clock in the morning. It is stressed that he received the appropriate medication within 15 minutes of the alarm being raised.

Nothing could be further from the truth. His 4 companions, imprisoned for the same reason in the same prison, as key witnesses, give a very different version and more details.

At about 2.15 Kike fell from his bunk bed shouting and gripped by violent convulsions and vomiting seriously. Previously he had been sick several times although his companions had not seen this as serious as it seemed the typical symptoms of indigestion or something similar. At 2.20 his cell mate alerted the warden so that an ambulance could be called in order to get him to a hospital without delay as the symptoms were now alarming. Instead of doing this the warden went to his superior who called in one of the medical staff attatched to the prison. At no time did the warder allow Kike's companions to take any initiative - necessary given the situation.

In Torrero prison (and we imagine this is not exceptional) there is no medical service at night or at weekends which meant that the medical adjunt had to be called in from his home. He arrived some 40/45 minutes later.

Whislt awaiting his arrival Kike's condition deteriorated by the minute.

Other prisoners got him out of his bed and moved him first into the corridor and then to the entrance in the hope of losing as little time as possible when help arrived. He lost consciousness, his eyes were white and his pulse, checked by his companions given that the warder and his boss wouldn't do this, became imperceptible, he was certainly already dead. His companions tried to resussitate him with cardiac massage and mouth to mouth resusitation whilst the prison workers made cheap and cynical comments. It was no use.

The doctor arrived at about 3.00, smoking, hands in pockets and without medical equipment. His first comment was 'another junkie'. Then faced with the indignation of his friends he said thatt 'the autopsy would clarify everything'. Then he agreed to call an ambulance... Later he called the companions together telling them it was 'suicide'.

The ambulance, supplied by the fire services arrived att about 3.20. According to the firemen the call was received at about 3.00, possibly later, which contradicts the official version where the time of 2.00 had been given. Before the body was taken away the prison staff carried out their last macabre act. Ignoring the urgency of the situation and going by the rule book they took five fingerprints from one of his hands which brought a reaction from his friends - 'you're a bunch of shits'

> La ambulancia, una U.V.I. del cuerpo de bomberos, hizo acto de
> presencia
> sobre las 3'20h. Seg=FAn los bomberos, la llamada fue recibida en
> torno a las 3h., posiblemente algo m=E1s tarde, lo que desmiente la
> versi=F3n oficial de una atenci=F3n r=E1pida, pues en la misma se se=F1a=
la > las 2h. como comienzo de la crisis aguda de Kike. Antes de
> llev=E1rselo, ya c=E1daver, los funcionarios presentes todav=EDa tuviero=
n > tiempo de realizar su =FAltimo acto macabro. Despreciando la urgencia
> de la situaci=F3n, y como mandan las ordenanzas, tomaron al fallecido
> las huellas digitales de los 5 dedos de una de sus manos, lo que
> produjo enfrentamientos verbales con sus compa=F1eros, respondidos por
> los carceleros con "sois unos mierdas y unos tontolabas"

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