(en) an Encuentro in the Balkans

nautilus (nautilus@otenet.gr)
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 20:19:53 +0300

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We, persons that came to the Encuentro from Turkey and Greece, had the opportunity to meet each other and propose to start a network of resistance against neoliberalism in the Balkans in the revolutionary spirit of the Encuentro. The sensitive situation in the Balkans created by the rising of nationalism, militarism, and the attack of neoliberalism, makes quite important and necessary this attempt. We are determined to fight against all armies, as there are weapons in the hands of the ruling class to militarise the society, create external enemies and fulfil their imperialistic intentions. We are against the frontiers and prisons and we demand the release of all political prisoners in both countries. Firstly, we call for a meeting in the Balkans between people from Greece and Turkey and maybe other countries, against nationalism, the state oppression, the armies, the prisons and the borders. It is an open call to people from these countries that want to resist and the only limit is that the groups and individuals who will participate are not nationalistic. We also support the idea proposed by the Encuentro for organising an action at 12thof September 2000 against frontiers. That date people from all over the world will cross the borders in their countries without showing passports or visas.

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