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Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 21:13:40 -0700 From: Martin Howard <Martin.howard@qnet.org.uk> To: a-infos@tao.ca Subject: (en) UK Prisoner Refusing All Food

>From London ABC

Ronnie Easterbrook, a 65 year old convicted of armed robbery, where the police shot dead his accomplice, has gone on a fast to the death.

Ronnie, a native of South East London, was previously in Belmarsh prison, the grim maximum security nick near Thamesmead. He has long been refusing solids in support of his fight to be moved to an open prison. He does not expect to be released on account of his age, just be put in a more appropriate nick for someone over retirement age.

The Home Office are refusing to listen to his case at all, and he has just been moved to Winson Green prison in Brimingham - another maximum security prison. In protest Ronnie is now refusing all fluids as well as solids, and has been given less than a week to live by doctors.

What you can do?

Send (first class) letters of support to Ronnie Easterbrook, HMP Winson green, Winson Green Rd, Birmingham B18 4AS.

Send politely worded letters in protest to the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, Queen Anne's gate, London SW1 (sorry I can't find a fax no)

At the moment Ronnie's family and friends are not asking for any nosiy demos outside the nick, etc, but there may come a time....


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