(en) East-West anarchist meeting in Lvov ( 27-31 August)

Mon, 01 Sep 97 16:50:21 CET

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I will just briefly describe it. I asked comrades from Prague to present more in detail the discussions of that meeting, because they understand Russian language much better than me.

On the conference were present members of the Anarchist Revolutionary Group (ARG) federation of Lvov-Rovno-Kiev, the Anarchist Federation of Bielorussia, the Donbass region anarcho-syndicalists from RKAS, Moscow anarcho-syndicalists from KRAS, Czecho-slovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF), the Polish Anarchist Federation (FA), and an anarchist from a social centre in Thesaloniki, Greece.

The Bielorussians and Ukrainians from RKAS made long presentations of the situation in their region/country. Some time was also dedicated to the conception of an effective east-west information channel. Laure Akai (although russian bureaucracy made it impossible for her to come) wrote she can handle the translation of materials from/to russian/english. Web pages with information on the anarchist movement in the region of Eastern Europe will be based in New York, Warszawa and Praha, while ALTER-EE can be a channel through which this information will circulate.

Oleg Wedensky (oleg_w@tutti.lviv.ua) will be the contact for Lvov. His address will change in a few weeks, i will give you the new one when it comes.

Bielorussia has no e-mail, because Big Luka has cut off all existing servers. However normal mail still gets through, although it is opened by police.

I don't know when Laure Akai will be again on-line, because her computer has been stolen from her Moscow apartment, quite possibly by secret police agents, because only materials related to anarchism were taken.

My contact for Serbia (Belgrade) i met in Tiszafured is Siwisa Dugowjic (sapfa@sezampro.yu) .

Today i also added a comrade from Turkey. I forgot to ask what city he's from.

In Solidarity,

Zaczek - Anarchist Federation

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