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>For immediate Release : Aug 28, 1997
>Month-long Trial to Decide Legality of Consumer Boycotts
>Trial starts September 2, 1997, 10:00 am
>Opening day rally Tuesday Sep. 2, 8:30 - 9:45 am
>Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
>(TORONTO) An Ontario Court will be deciding on the limits of consumer
>boycott campaigns and freedom of expression in a landmark trial beginning
>September 2.
>Friends of the Lubicon, a small Toronto group supporting the Lubicon Cree
>Nation of northern Alberta, are being taken to court by Daishowa Inc. The
>company is seeking a permanent injunction which would prevent the Friends
>from telling customers of stores, which use Daishowa bags, where their
>money is going.
>The court action is in response to a six-year boycott campaign against
>Daishowa products. Daishowa Inc. is part of the Daishowa group of
>companies led by the giant Daishowa Paper Manufacturing Company Co. Ltd.
>of Japan. The focus of the campaign is to pre vent the Daishowa group from
>acting on the licence they bought to clear-cut contested Native lands in
>northern Alberta. Since the boycott began, Daishowa has been held back
>from clear-cutting Lubicon lands.
>Daishowa claims the boycott has cost them over $11 million. With the
>boycott in effect, 47 companies representing over 4,300 retail outlets in
>Canada chose alternative suppliers for their paper products. Daishowa
>obtained a temporary injunction against t he boycott in January, 1996.
>They are now trying to permanently outlaw the boycott and squeeze damages
>out of boycott volunteers. Defendant Kevin Thomas says "the trial will be
>a pitched battle between freedom of expression and Aboriginal land rights
>on the one hand and the right of corporations to do whatever the hell they
>want to whoever they want on the other."
>The trial will span fifteen days during the month of September starting on
>Tuesday the 2nd.
>The Friends will be holding a support rally and opening prayer at Nathan
>Phillips Square at 8:30 am on Tuesday Sep 2. Recently-elected United
>Church Moderator Bill Phipps will give an opening address and a
>representative of the Lubicon Lake Cree will be present.

>For more information please contact:
>Friends of the Lubicon (416)763-7500 or FoL defendant Kevin Thomas at cell
> phone
>Karen Wristen, Sierra Legal Defence Fund at (416)368-7533
>Lubicon Lake Nation Chief Bernard Ominayak at (403)629-3945
>visit the Lubicon supporters' web page at
>To receive regular e-mail updates about the trial, send an e-mail to
>majordomo@tao.ca & include in the body of the e-mail the command:
>subscribe fol-l
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