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People Against Police Abuse of Authority

A non - profit organization geared towards protecting the masses from corruption within the police departments across America. Within a government that is supposedly "by the people and for the people" there are many accounts of vulgar and obscene abuses of basic human rights by these so- called "Public Servants". To paraphrase that term "Public Servant" could be "One who serves the masses" or "One who obeys the public".

For years men and women of all nationalities and creed have been victim of harassment and brutality by the people who THEY pay to protect their neighborhoods and streets. Namely the police departments. Boys in blue. Pigs. 5-0, or whatever else you want to call them. I call them SCUM. Granted , as with anything, there are SOME exceptions. But these valiant men and women are few and far between. For the most part, many Police are corrupt in one way or another. They know who they are. Covering their badges while they proceed to beat up a young black man or an old woman. Taking bribes from drug dealers and the other scum who plague our streets. Planting evidence so they can get that promotion to chief or that 2 week paid vacation in the Keys. P.A.P.A.A. is a group of able bodied young men and women willing to fight to preserve their basic dignity and human rights and the human rights of others in a so-called "Free Land".

The purpose of this newsletter is to make the world aware that there are people who will protect their constitutional and human rights at any cost. Too many times we have witnessed our public servants abusing the immense power bestowed upon them. Too many times we have stood there doing nothing. We will stand by no longer. THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW! Our brothers and sisters will no longer be kicked to the ground and humiliated, unjustly jailed, killed, maimed or hospitalized. The time has come for the police to realize that they work for US. They will be held accountable for all their individual and collective actions.

P.A.P.A.A. is in its infant stages. If it is nurtured and fed by us then it can grow and force change upon OUR corrupt system. We will not be intimidated by public servants any longer. We must take control of our own lives and destinies.

As Malcolm X simply but brilliantly put it " BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY."

The founders and servants of P.A.P.A.A.: N. Fury & M. Justice We want feedback from you. Contact us via E-Mail at: PAPAA NY@aol.com or write P.O. Box 923 Huntington, NY 11743

"A badge is not a shield from human rage."

~ P.A.P.A.A. ~ August 18, 1997

"Free Mumia Abu-Jamal"

DEMAND A NEW TRIAL FOR MUMIA ABU-JAMAL Write or phone the Pennsylvania Supreme Court or the Governor of Pennsylvania and DEMAND a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Honorable John P. Flaherty, Jr. Governor Thomas Ridge Chief Justice, PA Supreme Court Main Capital Building Six Gateway Center, Suite 616 Harrisburg, PA 17120 Pittsburgh, PA 15222


http://www.radio4all.org http://www.radio4all.org/freepacifica

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