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1. PROGRAM There will be a preliminary open on Thursday 11 Sept, when we'll meet the writer Eduardo Galeano. Then we'll welcome the participants on Friday 12 Sept. h.15.00 at Mestre (Venezia), Palazzetto dello Sport ''Taliercio''. During these days there will be forums, debates, concerts and a big demonstration: Le meeting commencera le Jeudi 11 Septembre avec la rencontre de l'ecrivain Eduardo Galeano. Les participants au meeting sont attendus le Vendredi 12 Septembre a' 15h00 a' Mestre (Venise) au Palais des Sports ''Taliercio''.=20 Durant ces journees se tiendront differents forums, debats, concerts et une grande manifestation.

- Jeu/Gio/Thu 11 * 21.00 - Incontro con lo scrittore Eduardo Galeano e Gianni Mina'

Ven/Fri 12 * 10.00 - Conferenza stampa di Eduardo Galeano e dei rappresentanti dell'EZLN - Press conference by Eduardo Galeano and the members of the EZLN - Conference de presse de Eduardo Galeano et des membres de l'EZLN. * 15.00 - Accoglienza partecipanti - Arrival of participants, opening - Accueil des participants et ouverture du meeting. * 18.00 - Incontro con i rappresentanti dell'EZLN - Meeting with the members of the EZLN - Rencontre avec les representants de l'EZLN. * 20.00 - Video dei collettivi di Sans Papiers di Parigi - Video by the Paris' Sans Papiers - Video "La Ballade des Sans Papiers" * Incontri, dibattiti - Workshops - Debats * 21.00 - Concerto - Concert=20

Sab/Sat 13=09 * 10.00 - Dibattito "Europa: federalismo e stato sociale" - Debate "Europe: Federalism and social state" - Debat "Europe: federalisme et Welfare-State" con: Fausto Bertinotti, Massimo Cacciari,Luigi Manconi, Marco Revelli, Franco Piperno, Pierluigi Sullo, Paolo Cento,i Centri Sociali e le realt=E0= di base. * 15.00 - Manifestazione da piazzale Roma e dalla stazione ferroviaria. Comizio conclusivo in Campo S.Stefano - Demo starting from both piazzale Roma and the train station, ending at Campo S.Stefano - Manifestation departs: piazzale Roma et gare ferroviaire; arrivee: Campo S.Stefano * 21.00 - Concerto - Concert: LITFIBA, RITMO TRIBALE, BISCA

Dom/Sun 14 * Incontro con le delegazioni europee: "Nuove iniziative per un'Europa solidale all'indomani delle marce di Amsterdam" - Final meeting with the european delegates: "New initiatives for a solidal Europe following the Amsterdam marches" - Rencontre avec les delegations europeennes:''Nouvelles initiatives pour une Europe solidaire au lendemain des marches= d'Amsterdam''. * Concerto - Concert

More detailed and updated informations can be achieved consulting our web page at http://www.ecn.org/pad/euro/ Pour plus de d=E9tails consultez notre site web.

2. REGISTRATION - INSCRIPTION In order to provide an efficient organization, it is important for us to have confirmation of your participation *before september 5*. Please, let us know as soon how many people intend to participate to the gathering.=20 If you are a collective or an association and want to officially sign your adhesion, please let us know, along with a complete description of your= group. The actual registration, with the payment of a little fee as a contribution to the expenses, will take place at the arrival. Afin de rendre l'organisation efficace, c'est important pour nous d'avoir la confirmation de votre participation ''avant le 5 septembre''. SVP, faites nous savoir le nombre de personnes devant participer au meeting.=20 Si vous etes un collectif ou une association et que vous voulez participer officiellement precisez-le en nous fournissant une description complete de vos activit=E9s. L'inscription se fera au moment de votre arrivee et une contribution vous sera demandee.

3. LOGISTIC - LOGISTIQUE The registration fees include the meals for the three days.=20 There will be a campsite where you can set your tent or, if you prefer, you can arrange your sleeping bag inside the social center. La contribution donne acces aux repas pendant les trois jours.

4. WORKSHOPS - Ateliers You are invited to propose your workshops and to bring and expose your own materials, documents, exhibitions, videos, etc. Vous etes invites a proposer des ateliers et d'apporter et exposer vos prpres productions, documents, spectacles, videos,...

5. HOW TO GET THERE - COMMENT ARRIVER=20 The meeting point is Palazzetto dello Sport ''Taliercio'' in Mestre. People who arrive by train have to stop at ''Venezia-Mestre'' station. There will be a free bus service from the train station to our meeting place.=20 More indications and a map of the zone will be published soon on our= website. Le rendez-vous est au Palais des Sports ''Taliercio'' a' Mestre. Pour ceux arrivant en train vous devez descendre en gare de ''Venise-Mestre''. A la gare de Mestre, il y aura a votre disposition un service gratuit de bus pour vous amener jusqu'au lieu du Meeting.

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