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Re: Oventic Junior High School of Hope Temporary Closing of Hotel Smeltzanel

From: Construction Inn / Hotel Smeltzanel Oventic Aguascalientes II, Zapatista Territory Municipality of San Andres Sakamch'en de los Pobres Chiapas, MEXICO PLANET EARTH

To: Teachers, students, parents, and people of good heart everywhere

Date: Thursday, Aug. 21, 1997

The clouds are wild today over the fantastic canyons of the geological fault that marks the landscape surrounding is small place of hope and dignity. Last night a gigantic falling star streaked across the Chiapas sky; perhaps signaling the end of the unexplained movement of thousands of Mexican troops throughout the highlands of Chiapas.

Or perhaps the powerful comet appeared in response the the indigenous preparations to take 1111 representatives of the surrounding Zapatista communities into Mexico's capital next month to support the founding of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation (FZLN). Then again the giant falling star may have arrived to mark the closing of "Hotel Smeltzanel" - that slightly absurd encampment of construction volunteers who have lived, worked and dreamed with the rebellious indigenous of Chiapas during the last month.

The first four classrooms of the Junior High School have been completed, a computer laboratory is functioning, a complete budget and plan for school construction including dormitories, a kitchen, dining hall, and new sanitary facilities is written (we'll distribute it soon), and most importantly bonds of respect and love have grown between volunteers of eight countries and the indigenous of Chiapas of Chiapas. These are bonds that the rich and powerful of our world will seek to destroy for years to come - and they are bonds that we don't give our rulers much hope in destroying.

Hotel Smeltzanel will certainly reopen in the future...in fact, your are invited to make your reservations today!

Plans are being laid to bring an end of the year Construction Caravan from the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochitlan to this new center of indigenous creativity and hope - you could join us for a New Years' party! An extended construction period will happen next summer and there may be shorter stays announced during the year. For now, everyone is very sad to see the end of this first Junior High School construction phase in Oventic Aguascalientes II; however at the same moment we are invigorated at the work that was accomplished.

Keep in touch, keep up the struggle, and keep your dreams alive!

Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Peter Brown, Director Chanobjunetik ta Chiapas / Schools for Chiapas

ps. The basketball tournament that marked the beginning of the going away party for the second team continued for two full, full days.k Forty-seven teams representing 44 indigenous communities and four countries participated. The letter describing that event was mailed in Spanish only - we'll try to get it to you in English soon. As soon as we are back in San Diego we'll put photos up on the Web page ... check it out! http://www.igc.org/mexicopeace

pps. The production of a high quality, professional video about the first Junior High School in Zapatista territory has begun with an agreement that all rights will actually belong to the school itself! This video will be available sometime in the fall, so if you want to participate in planning a grand opening in you city let us know.

ppps. Finally Don Durito has sent a communication the computer laboratory at Oventic Aguascalientes II insisting that he will be traveling along with the photo and weaving exhibit designed to promote the Junior High School of Hope during the next year. While we do not promise the famous beetle will come along, don't miss the exhibit when it visits your town. For now, you can reach us at:

Chanobjunetik ta Chiapas / Schools for Chiapas c/o San Diegans for Peace in Mexico 3909 Centre Street Suite B San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 232-2841 FAX (619) 232-0500 <mexicopeace@igc.apc.org>


ps of ps's: Is there anyone who could translate this last note into Spanish? We're rushing here and that would really be appreciated! Just email it to the address above.


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