(en) Squat threatened of eviction

nautilus (nautilus@otenet.gr)
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 22:27:15 +0300

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!!!!"Steffi" squat in Karlsruhe (Germany) is in danger of violent eviction!!!!!!

The city council has decided that the squatters should empty the building until the 2nd September. Squatters will defend Steffi against the plans of the city council and the owner of the building, who is the evagelische church. The dead-end for the eviction is the 2 September of 1997!

Steffi needs your help! Send protest messages to the following addresses: A. Jack, Diak. Werk der ev. Landeskirche Baden e. V. Vorholzstr. 3 (Administration of Evangelist Church) 76137 Karlsruhe tel. +49721/93490 fax +49721/9349202

K. Schroth Riefstahlstr. 12 76133 Karlsruhe (Town Hall) tel. +49721/843051 fax +49721/857295 !!!!!Participate in the 2nd of September world-wide fax campain of solidarity to Steffi. This day, send protest messages to the administraton of evagelische church and the town hall!!!


SOME INFO ON STEFFI SQUAT: The building of Steffanienstrasse 60-64 was previously a factory and it was emty and abandoned for 11 years. Steffi exists since 1990. At the moment there live about 60 people and the squat is a self-managed cultural and political activity centre. Events that take place there are organised both by squatters and people who are interested but don't live in Steffi. Many activities take place in Steffi. There is an "open kitchen" where somebody can get political informations, talk and plan activities or get just cheap food. Since last winter the "open kitchen" offers free food and refreshments every Wednesday to homeless and people in need. An info-cafe has been organised to offer an alternative to Karlsruhe's typical comercial "entertainment" or states' youth centres. And there is also a bar where concerts take place. Usually the incomes from the bar goe for political solidarity (i.e. for Chiapas). Every Thursday there is a cinema. Steffi also publishes "Terminator" a monthly magazine where you can read the programme of the events taking place in squat and also about important political issues. To communicate with "Steffi": fax: +49721/25343 tel: +49721/25114 e-mail: steffi@elk.de

This message was mailed by the self-managed social center "Nautilus" (Salonica, Greece)/e-mail: nautilus@otenet.gr

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