(en) Justice for Strawberry Workers

Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com)
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 11:01:28 +0000

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Hanging around Fairbanks, Alaska this weekend, I got to thinking about Jorge Martinez. When he was 16, Jorge started picking strawberries in California. Now he has a teenage daughter like I do. Jorge works all summer, sometimes for 12 hours a day. He oftens makes less than minimum wage. He has to deal with chronic back problems and health issues likely associated with pesticides on the plants. Health insurance is not a benefit of his job. Often there were not bathroom facilities or clean drinking water in the fields. And each summer he had to re-apply for his job.

Jorge wants a better life for his family. The United Farm Workers and I agree that a union would help him and other strawberry workers improve their working lives.

The major coolers and shippers of berries exercise a lot of control in the industry. I think it would be a good idea this week to ask a major cooler and shipper to stand up for Jorge and for justice for all strawberry workers. Please join me in sending the following message to Naturipe.

For more detailed information on the need for justice for strawberry workers, you can go to the following web site: http://www.latinoweb.com/ufw/paper.htm

Thanks and feel free to forward this message to other caring people.

**************************************************** TO: Pasculli@ix.netcom.com CC: 104525.2505@compuserve.com SUBJECT: Justice for Strawberry Workers

ATTN: Lawrence Shikuma and Nicholas Pasculli, President and Vice President, Naturipe Berry Growers

I urge you to endorse the following justice principles for all strawberry workers:

- A Living Wage - Job Security and the right to be re-hired by seniority - Health Insurance - Clean drinking water and bathrooms in the fields - An end to abuses such as sexual harassment - The freedom to decide on union representation without fear of intimidation or reprisals - Employer neutrality in Union Activity

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