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Active Resistance '98 - Toronto (resist@tao.ca)
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 07:06:20 -0400 (EDT)

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One year ago the Active Resistance gathering took place in Chicago bringing together some 750 North American anarchists and revolutionary activists representing Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, Anti Racist Action, the Queer Youth Movement, Sister Subverter, Anarchist Black Cross, the Youth Liberation Movement, Love and Rage, the IWW, the Anti-Authoritarian Network of Community Organizers, the Network of Anarchist Collectives, the Animal Liberation Front, Social Ecologists, the Squatters Rights Movement, and solidarity movements with MOVE and Mumia Abu Jamal, Fred Hampton Jr., the EZLN, Leonard Peltier and the American Indian Movement.

Eight people from Toronto took part in Active Resistance during August of '96. Following the subsequent Days of Action labour demonstration of 200,000 in the fall, local speaking engagements by Angela Davis and Peter Lamborn Wilson during the winter, and historic reenactment of Emma Goldman's speech 'The Youth In Revolt' on April 14th at the Labour Lyceum (60 years after the original presentation she gave while living in Toronto towards the end of her lifetime) a small group of local anarchists began the process of organizing a Toronto Active Resistance gathering during the summer.

Over the course of 2 spirited meetings, representatives from Earth First!, ARA, Food Not Bombs, collective members of the Toronto's anarchist-punk infoshop 'Who's Emma', an original participant of the 1988 anarchist-organized 'Survival Gathering', and many other individual activists decided that a full year would be required in order to best prepare for a large-scale local gathering of anarchists and radical activists in Toronto, to be held as the ten-year anniversary of the '88 Survival Gathering.


Toronto is the most multicultural city in North America, yet has seen a brutal wave of killings of people of colour at the hands of Metro Police. Canada is home to the second-largest community of Nazi war criminals in the world, and Toronto has a disproportionate share of boneheads and fascist propagandists. The province of Ontario has been rated the third most polluted in North America, clearcut deforestation has been rampant in the Temagami region, and the Darlington nuclear reactor recently closed following the revelation of massive safety incompetence. As increasing numbers of homeless people freeze to death each winter and more kids take to the streets to work squeegeeing windshields, new McDonald's, Blockbuster Videos, and Starbucks are popping up all over and bank profits are higher than they've ever been before.

As the number of desperate and homeless increase, right wing provincial premier Mike Harris has been stripping the city of its social services and local democracy, shutting down hospitals, reducing welfare payments, eliminating the right to strike, giving police powers to avoid assessment, avoiding responsibility for the killing of Stoney Point Native activist Dudley George, amalgamating Toronto into a 'MegaCity' in order to reduce political accountability, and privatizing everything including the water. Campus occupations have taken place across the province by student activists frustrated with increasingly inaccessible tuition fees. And the Ontario Federation of Labour sits poised for the possibility of an upcoming province-wide general strike.

Next summer will be ripe for a creative, fun, culturally diverse, queer positive, Native-solidarity, pro-feminist, youth-friendly, political-prisoner-supportive, labour-aligned, anti-poverty, ecologically-minded gathering of anarchist and revolutionary activists in August '98 to take action against neoconservatism, neoliberalism, and all other forms of oppression in Toronto, North America, and around the world. All anarchists, revolutionary activists and their friends and allies are welcome to join us in Toronto this coming August. Please send information requests, organizing and outreach ideas, workshop topics, fundraising and activity suggestions, contact addresses, political statements, letters of endorsement and structural comments to:

Active Resistance '98 Toronto Planning Crew P.O. Box 108 Station P Toronto Canada M5S 2S8 <resist@tao.ca>

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