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Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com)
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 12:45:02 +0000

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Dear All,

I am distributing this narrative of Geoffrey Hill at his request in the hopes of drawing attention to the grotesque conduct of the law enforcement officials in San Bernardino County, CA. Hill is a white man. I'd hate to see what would have happened to him had he been black. ( I have something to add on that point) Geoffrey is very interested in pursuing legal action against San Bernardino County, and would appreciate any offers or advice as to how to do this.

Please forward to relevant mail lists

He also wants to publicize their conduct and increase public awareness. He is willing to talk to interested others, but has no e-mail address. So, if you wish to contact him, you can e-mail me at redlyn@loop.com or write to him :

Geoffry Hill c/o Free Association PO Box 1945 Los Angeles, CA 90041

thanks, Lyn


GEOFFREY HILL Lake Arrowhead, California

August 14, 1997


On Saturday, August 9, 1997, I was on the campus of California State University San Bernardino taking a CBEST test. The corporation which designed and administers the test lobbied state legislature (possibly with bribes and payoffs) to pass a law requiring all potential teachers in the state of California to take the test. Most such educational corporations make millions of dollars off of such tests, with thousands of persons forced to take their tests every year. I happen to have done a great deal of research into the validity of such tests. For anybody who has studied the empirical literature on the subject, it is extremely obvious that most of these standardized, educational tests prove to be severely biased culturally, racially, linguistically, and biased against persons with alternative forms of intelligence, creativity, learning disabilities and persons with ADHD. Furthermore, it has been proven that there is no correlation between test scores of most such tests and academic success or job performance. Since my profession in psychology has been successfully taken over and wiped out by corporations, I have been encouraged by numerous persons to become a teacher, or possibly even a substitute teacher. So I decided to jump through this hoop, and to take the CBEST test. I got about 7 or 8 questions into the reading comprehension section of the test when it became very obvious to me that this was the worst test I have ever encountered. I happen to be a published scholar, an author, a social critic and lecturer with knowledge and research in many different fields including education, testing, social conformity and corporate-governmental collusion. As I sat for the test, it became blatantly obvious that for a person with alternative, creative intelligence, there are several equally valid answers for most of the questions on the reading comprehension section, and it is, in my educated opinion, patently unfair and bogus. Yet, for a lower functioning, conforming, and compromising person, which is exactly the type of person the test rewards, there is only one correct answer for each question. Thus, such a test actually weeds out the most creative, the most different, the most intelligent, the most alternative, the most foreign, and the most learning disabled (who are often the genius seers of all societies). What the test actually reinforces, like most other such tests, is a high degree of conformity, rigidity of thought, low-intelligence, and suspicion of authentic, creative, critical thought. As I sat there looking at this test, which I found to be extremely subjective, biased and linguistically and culturally ambiguous, I decided I didn't want to sit through four hours of such hypocritical abuse. So I just put the test in my backpack and walked out. I decided I was going to take it home, analyze it, do more research into it, and publicly expose it for the destructive and hypocritical tool of social conformism and compromise that it is. No sooner did I get into the hallway than a large, homely and loutish, 250 pound gestapo-type woman yelled at me from the top of her lungs, "You! Stop!" I turned around to hear her yell again, "Stop! I'm the hall monitor!" It dawned on me that this is exactly the mentality which the test reinforces. This is exactly the type of teacher the test produces, and this is exactly the type of fascistic attitude it inspires within the school system, and it is exactly this pathology which spreads to the rest of society, once we approve and tolerate such testing. It was like I was in third grade all over again, with the bulldog teacher patrolling her hallway beat with the ferocity of a Nazi demon. Contrary to her commands, I kept walking. The hellish and hatred-filled watchdog ran ahead of me at full speed and placed herself at the exit of the building with arms stretched out at full length, blocking the door. She yelled at me, "You're not going anywhere! I'm the hall monitor!" I then pushed my way through the door and exited the building. As soon as I got outside, this ferocious bulldog physically attacked me, assaulting me with all of her physical power. She lunged at me and wrapped both arms around me, almost dragging me down to the ground, twisting my lower back and arms in the process, after which I still have pain in my lower back. She then wrapped both arms around my backpack, and demanded that I give her back the test. At that point, another woman, her corporate colleague, lunged with her full weight at my backpack which was draped over my shoulder. It became readily obvious that these vicious corporate watchdogs would go to extremes to guard the secrecy of their greatly coveted, legislated, secret treasure. And it made me wonder, with such a desperate measure to secure the test, there must be something far more corrupt and darkly scandalous that they are trying to protect from public scrutiny. "Which politicians were paid off to pass the law, enriching the corporation, forcing thousands of duped souls to take the test?" I asked myself. It's really no different than the war industry. A few rich, white, bald-headed men in board rooms who manufacturer weapons of mass death and destruction pay politicians handsomely to vote for a perpetual buying of arms, all to keep the war merchants enriched and ensconced in their palaces of luxury, while the youth of the poor and working class fight their wars for them. It all fits together rather cozily and incestuously. One corporate industry makes the arms which keeps us perpetually at war. Another corporate industry makes the toxic petro-chemical drugs to sedate the multitudes and prevent them from authenticating themselves. Another corporate industry designs and administers educational tests to weed out thinking, creative undesirables from the ranks of the mass of conformers. In the meanwhile, the rich men who own the corporations sit on one another's boards; they wine and dine the politicians who vote for their serious, financial, vested interests, and another corporate industry, the mainstream media, propagandize the public to go along with the system designed, built and enforced by the rich elite few who own everything. In the meantime, there are plenty of small-minded, militaristic enforcers of the numerous laws set up to protect their system of social control. These thoughts were crossing my mind as I was being physically assaulted by the watchdogs of the corporate interests. Now, I'm a very strong person, and I could have wrestled my backpack away from the corporate watchdogs had I wanted to. But I decided, with two screaming, desperate banshees tenaciously holding on to it for dear life, I wasn't that serious about keeping the test. I then surrendered the test, at which point they refused to take it back. I tried opening the backpack while I offered to give the test back, and I was prevented from doing so with severe physical force. I then gave my backpack to the desperate fat woman and asked her to take the test out of the pack herself, and again, she refused to do so. It was very obvious they had something far more vengeful in mind. They wanted me arrested, even after I gave them back their test. While refusing to take the test back, yet while refusing to let go of my backpack, they had someone call the campus police. In spite of the fact that there was no indication of any potential violence or escape on my part, the very first thing the first officer did when he arrived was to immediately handcuff me and to throw me in the back of his police car. I was never formally arrested, but I remained in the back of his car for at least a half hour while the women and witnesses were interviewed by him and a second officer. I was then driven to the university police station, and was verbally abused and terrorized for at least another forty five minutes by both officers, but especially by the second officer on the scene. During the entire time of abuse, I was still handcuffed in the interrogation room. Most of the time, the arresting officer was out of the room, at which times, the interrogating officer proceeded to harangue me endlessly with an avalanche of poisonous, verbal invective. I was cussed at, insulted, called numerous derogatory names, accused of being "an anarchist", "a criminal", "a bullshitter", "a liar", "a fraud", "a cheat", and told that my "entire life has been bogus and fraudulent". I was threatened, and verbally badgered repeatedly during the entire duration all while I was in handcuffs, all under the threat that they were not going to release me unless I cooperated with their abuse, in spite of the fact that there was never any formal arrest. My address book and other personal property were confiscated. They refused to give it back to me. The interrogator discovered a button on my backpack from the Arrowbear Anarchist Conference. I was then repeatedly badgered because of the button. I was accused of being an anarchist, as if that is a crime. And I was told in several abusive ways that my case was going to be turned over to the D.A.'s office and that I should expect somebody to come to my home any day to arrest me, although the inquisitor did not state what the potential charges would be. Mainly, he seemed to be concerned with my political and philosophical beliefs more than anything else, using this as the foundation for his threats and abuse. While I was sitting in a chair in the interrogation room, handcuffed and threatened that I would not be leaving until I provided them with what they wanted, the vicious inquisitor stood over me peering down into my eyes, telling me repeatedly that I was "trash", "a fraud", "bullshit", "a criminal" and that my "entire life has been bogus and fraudulent". He said to me, "I've been in this business for fifteen years, and I know a liar and a bullshitter when I see one." In the midst of this, he indicated to me that he was a born-again Christian and that he doesn't like anarchists, because they "don't believe in government." When he persisted in questioning me about being a suspected anarchist, I proceeded to inform him that anarchism is a legitimate political philosophy, the principles of which have been subscribed to by such luminaries as Jesus, Socrates, Count Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, California State Senator Tom Hayden, former Governor Jerry Brown and the man whom the New York Times labeled as "arguably the most significant intellectual of our time," Noam Chomsky. This was far more than my fascist abuser could handle. My answer only sparked more frustration in this mercenary, and it only provoked more abuse from his obviously inadequate sense of self-appraisal. The inquisitor then threatened me by saying, "I have your picture, and I know where you live," while badgering me with appallingly intrusive questions about my political beliefs and personal life, all of which had virtually nothing whatsoever to do with the CBEST test incident. I took his comments about my safety at home as a personal threat of violence, since, in his militant anger, he threatened that he "knows exactly where to find me at home".

Then, he started asking me more extremely personal and specific questions. For example, he shockingly asked me the exact whereabouts of my mother, the exact source of my income, and numerous intrusive questions like, "Are you married?" "Do you live with anybody?" "Do you have any children?" "What schools did you go to?" "Who was the last psychologist you saw?" "When was the last time you were arrested?" (in spite of the fact that he had my print-out showing an obviously perfectly clean record). It appeared, besides his obvious abuse and terrorism, that he was also quite insecure in my presence, since he obviously didn't have the strength to speak with me without me being handcuffed. Every time I answered one of his irrelevant, offensive and invasive questions with a philosophical answer, he got tongue-tied, looked away in embarassment, and with a look of woeful inadequacy and impotency, changed the subject to another equally irrelevant and insulting line of questioning. Furthermore, it appeared he was possibly perversely interested in every intimate detail of my life. I wondered if perhaps he had some latent sexual fascination with someone who could actually think and act for himself, something of which he proved himself woefully lacking without his badge of totalitarian authority. One of the most ludicrous traps he fell into was attempting to argue with me over the merits of the philosophy of anarchism. In spite of the fact that he boasted expertise on the subject, when I asked him if he had ever read any anarchist philosophy, he refused to answer, and he walked out of the room in angry adolescent frustration over his lack of intellectual acumen and communicational skills. After I was released, I called the station and spoke with the station supervisor. I asked him for my address book back and he also refused to give it to me. The compound supervisor then repeated the threat and reinforced the mental terrorism of the inquisitor, that I could expect to be arrested by the D.A., and until that happens, I would not be getting my property back. To have my address book confiscated from me because I am suspected of being an anarchist, a fraud and a bullshitter, is, in my opinion, a blatant denial of and a gross abuse of my civil rights and liberties. To be handcuffed for about an hour and a half and verbally abused and threatened with violence and terrorized with the promise of a forthcoming arrest by the D.A., is an obvious trampling of my civil rights and liberties. The officer who handcuffed me and kept them on me for about an hour and a half, and the inquisitor, who verbally abused and terrorized me during the entire time, and their supervisor, who repeated and reinforced the terrorism, are, in my opinion, all grossly guilty of state sponsored, totalitarian terrorism. The actions of the corporate watchdogs and of the abusive police officers, are perfect examples, in my opinion, of the type of pathological social products our society produces when we sit passively by and allow corporations to buy off government, to force the multitudes to conform to a battery of tests designed to weed out persons who have the brains and balls to authenticate themselves. The result of our having put up with the abuse leads us that much closer to a police state, at all levels of society, including the education of our children. I loathe the potential destructive and dehumanizing future of a society which would tolerate such a legislated, enforced, abusive, totalitarian, militaristic, officially sanctioned, corporate sponsored, terrorist mentality. I have dedicated my life to exposing, through research, writing, broadcasting, and lecturing, the pernicious danger of such abuses. In the meantime, I am looking for legal representation for what I believe is false imprisonment, police abuse, egregious invasion of privacy, state terrorism, denial of civil rights and liberties and illegal confiscation of personal property.

Geoffrey Hill


my personal incident with San Bernardino County Sherrifs (this is Lyn speaking again)

Last summer, I was driving home to Los Angeles from Arizona very late at night. When I reached the Fontana, a city in San Berbardino county about 60 miles from home I realized I was too tired to drive the rest of the distance without a rest. There are no public rest stops that close in to the populated areas of Southern California, so I pulled off and found a parking space on a street where a number of big-rig trucks were parked in front of a motel and lay down for a rest. I was awoken in some confusion about an hour later by my dog barking at a San Bernardino County Sherri's deputyf who was banging on the window and shining a flashlight in my car. The deputy demanded I produce my drivers license and asked where I was going and coming from. I wisj I had been more awake -- I'm sorry to say I answered his questions which it seems to me were none of his damn business. (I wasn't even illegally parked!!)

He repeatedly asked me the same questions over and over regarding my destination as if he didn't believe me. After running my driving record I guess the revelation that I actually did live in Los Angeles and had no warrants out for my arrest pursuaded him I was merely what I was: a tired driver. He then said:

You shouldn't sleep here. This area is frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers. I guess I didn't look particularly troubled, so he added "BLACK prostitutes." He them advised I go up the highway several exits to a "whiter" area.

I was astonished that this "public servant" unfortunately I was too out of it to get his name or badge number should blithely presume that I was a racist like him (just because I am also white.)

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