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Ilan Shalif (Psychological Ph.D.)

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You CAN teach old dog new tricks BUT it takes allot of effort. So pay attention to the pleasant and unpleasant bodily sensations... and the troubles will take care of themselves.

Old Dog

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Freedom to G. Balafas SOME DETAILS ON THE CASE OF G. BALAFAS The persecution of G. Balafas started in the Spring of 1985 immediately after the death of his relative and friend Christos Tsoutsouvis in an armed confrontation with police. The police, with a single piece of evidence being a fingerprint of G. Balafas on a box of biscuits (!) found in Tsoutsouvis' home,accused him of participation in the confrontation and in the death of three police officers. G. Balafas starts hiding temporarily because he believes there do not exist any guarantees for his life until some time later on when the authorities accuse him anew of involvement in the execution of Public Prosecutor Theophanopoulos and in the armed robbery of a super - market that resulted in the death of two guards. For seven years, which is how long G. Balafas is a fugitive, the police accuses him of more participation in various acts making him appear as the No 1 wanted terrorist. When G. Balafas is arrested in November of 1992 they attempt, without success, to present him as a member of organisation "17 November". They then accuse him of possession of six kilos of hashish and bring him to court on that basis together with his companion Vaso Mihoy. Reverse countdown begins and soon it appears that the plans of the security police are so weak that large portions of Greek society begin to support G. Balafas. His trial begins in February 1994 and ends five months later where by G. Balafas is found innocent on twenty counts. The percecuting mechanisms react to his release and first - time acts of his sort attempt to prolong his arrest. They are not successful because G. Balafas begins a two month hunger strike and also because of the social reaction to his condition. G. Balafas is released in September of the same year. G. Balafas' release was a serious embarashment to the persecuting authorities. Very soon these mechanisms take the offensive and in the annual report of the US State Department on "terrorism" the Greek government is reputed for allowing G. Balafas to go free. High standing Judiciary officials and members of the New Democracy right wing party pressured for G. Balafas' arrest. The result was that in November of 1995 from a case that should have been dismissed in the first place and for which in 1988 two other persons were found innocent G. Balafas was convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. On 22 October 1997, G. Balafas will go on trial (Court of Appeals). This court will judged whether he has been a member of a terrorist group or not. Mainly, however G. Balafas has to confront the plans of the Greek repression mechanisms and of the Americans. We ask you to sent your writer declaration and protestation to the Ministry of Justice (fax number:+30 1 7758742), and the daily newspaper "Eleftherotypia" (fax no: 30 - 01 - 9028311).

Committee of Solidarity to G. Balafas

Against the CIA - Greek State's plans FREEDOM TO GEORGE BALAFAS

A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE "ANTI - TERRORIST" CONTEXT OF REPRESSION IN GREECE Our adress Commitee of Solidarity to G. Balafas Valtetsiou 35 10681 Exarcheia - Athens tel: +30 1 38 139 28 fax: +30 1 67 45 302

Or e-mail : alfanarc@compulink.gr (note: to Committee...) Last update 16/7/97


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