We Demand return of our social programs or decriminaization of

Jane Scharf (dn701@freenet.carleton.ca)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 11:25:36 -0400

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Take Back the Flats for the Homeless communique #8

Please distribute this communique to interested parties. Thanks

The newest confirmed particpants are Mr. SCHNEIDER DARIUS ALEXANDER 02.06.79 Pass 001800852 and Ms. IRIMIE FLORINA 07.12.73 Pass 001169245 of Zone - Geographical Initiative "Citizens of Sibiu for Peace", organisation legally established during the days of the Romanian Revolution, in January 1990, as a protest to the violence and the crimes that were commite then.

A tent city will be set up at Lebreton Flats in Ottawa for the homeless on August 25/97 at 2:OO PM. The protest demands will be for the re-establishment of welfare for those in need or the decriminalization of homelessness.

A society which embraces justice, liberty and democracy would not disposes anyone. Canada for several decades was one of the best societies in the world because of our commitment to justice and fairness. We have not abandoned this commitment as a people but the players of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT have manipulated our "system" such that we have all but lost our official commitment to the goal of equality.

The constitution still commits government to the equalization of its citizens and regions under section 36 but since the first Free Trade Agreement successive political leaders have passed a host of laws which are rapidly eroding every single program and benefit Canadians have established to promote equality. For example social services, health services and education are seeing an almost 100% reduction in federal financial contributions and a complete abandonment of federal standards. The results have been devastating to the countries most vulnerable people.

=46or instance Toronto alone has approximately twenty thousand youth under 2= 4 who are homeless.

It is time we take back our country and run it the way we have all agree to run i.e. with a fair distribution of the countries booty.

The Lebreton Flats action is an attempt to provide assistance from the community and a political voice for the homeless.

The camp will be opened with a potlatch ceremony in which we will all share with each other our good fortunes of food. The land will be blessed at 2:OO PM by Wilf Peltier an First Nations Elder from Ottawa. We hope to see a good crowd there.

If you are interested in the action and you want more details please contact Jane Scharf at either dn701@freenet.carleton.ca or by phone at 613-258-6176.

Communiqu=E9s 1-7 are available upon request which give more details on the history of Lebreton Flats and this action.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you would post this communiqu=E9 and send it to your mailing list of those who might be interested.

If you do not want any further communiqu=E9s sent to you please let me know and I will take your address off the list immediately.

Protest, Resist and Surpass. Jane Scharf

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