(en) Lebreton Flats Camp for the Homeless Communique #7

Jane Scharf (dn701@freenet.carleton.ca)
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 21:38:24 -0400

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Lebreton Flats Camp for the Homeless Communique #7


Jane Scharf met with Doug Kirkland of the Ottawa Carleton Regional Police and Diane Dupuis and Maureen Hayes of the National Capital Commission (NCC) a Canadian crown corporation. It seems that the Toronto police sent the Lebreton Flats camp for the Homeless flyer to the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police to check it out.

Both Kevin Kinsella and Jane Scharf were called by Doug Kirkland of this police force. A meeting was suggested by Doug Kirkland and Jane agreed to meet with him and representatives of the NCC.

The NCC representatives were suppose to bring prof of ownership to Lebreton Flats. However, all they brought was a map and the proposed building plans for the Flats neither of which proves ownership.

The Reps of the NCC offered to allow the Lebreton Flats Camp for the Homeless to be set up at the official campgrounds on the east side of Both St. They offered to allow signs for the camp to be put up and they suggested that under these circumstance the camp would last much longer than if it was set up at the west side of Both Street.

Jane asked if the camping fee would be waved for the homeless but the response was "no". However they suggested that a donations account could be set up for the public to donated the money for the camping fees.

Jane didn't think this was a feasible offer unless the fees were waved but she agreed to put this offer out to those planning to attend the camp anyway. Perhaps camps could be set up on both sides of Booth St. one legal and one illegal.

The camp opening will be on August 25/97 with a pot latch celebration and blessing of the land by Wilf Peltier native elder from Ottawa.

History of the land and details of the action are contained in previous 6 communiques. These communiques are available to anyone who inquires at:

dn701@freenet.carleton.ca If you receive more than one copy of this communique please accept my apology. And if you are not interested in this action and you would like to be taken off the mailing list for future communiques please contact me Jane Scharf at dn 701@freenet.carleton.ca and your address will be withdrawn immediately.


Protest, Resist and Surpass, Jane Scharf, Ottawa, Canada.

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