UFOR: Tr: 50 years of CIA (fwd)

Francisco Lopez (d005734c@dc.seflin.org)
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 18:46:45 -0400 (EDT)

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From: G.R.E.P.I. <grepi@worldcom.ch>

Happy Birthday to You, Beloved C.I.A. !!! =20 Fifty years ago, on July 26, 1947, President Truman signed the decree of your creation. During these 50 years, a great job has been done ! What an endeavour to build a better world, at the heavy cost of a great sacrifice. =20 But the results stand today as an achievement: the New World Order has bee= n established for a thousand years, and every bad thought seem to be banned from our planet forever ! =20 We are now marching to a bright future, in the new harshly conquered paradise on this good old Earth ! =20 Generations of thankful normalized citizens shall remember the circumstances of your birth with emotion. =20 18 days after the Roswell black-out operation, your existence had become necessary to implement the cover-up policy of the power behind America. =20 A steadfast and untirable action of disinformation, psychological harassment, and quick delifisation of the most loquacious elements around ufology, have let the world so ignorant that it is now ready to be grasped at the power's convenience. =20 In the memory of: =20 - Defense Secretary James Forrestal, who created Project Sign and believed that the flying saucers came from outer space; =20 - Waveney Girvan, Chief Editor of the famous Flying Saucer Review; =20 - Morris K. Jessup, an astromomer who knew too much about flying saucers and related black projects; =20 - Charles Hunt Williamson; =20 - H. T. Wilkins; =20 - Manon Darlaine, who was a reliable source of information; =20 - Dr Olavo Fontes, a famous Brazilian ufologist and physician; =20 - Charles Maney, who was the first academic who showed interest for UFOs; =20 - Wilbert Smith, Head of Canadian Inquiry Commission, who had contacts wit= h alien intelligence; =20 - Edward J. Ruppelt, director of Project Blue Book and author of a too valuable book; =20 - Frank Edwards, a pro-UFO journalist who defied the authorities to silenc= e him; =20 - Dr James McDonald, a too curious meteorologist; =20 - Rodiguez, a fisherman from Puerto-Rico who entered a secret base by chance; =20 - Harold E. Holt, Prime Minister of Australia, who wanted to tell the Parliament about covered activities in U.S. bases in Austarlia; =20 - Phil Schneider, an engineer in Dulce facilities, who pronounced a fatal conference; =20 - Barney Hill, the first American abductee; =20 - Danny Casolaro, who conducted forbidden inquiries, i.e. in Area 51; =20 - Dr Ren=E9 Hardy, who just discovered something important about EBEs; =20 - Vladimir Alexandrov, a renowned meteorologist; =20 and so many others, whose life ended abruptly but often at the nick of time. =20 G.R.E.P.I. (Groupe de Recherche et d'Etude des Ph=E9nom=E8nes Insolites) Geneva =20 http://home.worldcom.ch/~dbenaroy/preside.html =20 =20

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