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>For several months, Kheya B. (highschool activist and member of the Guelph
>Socialists) and I have been discussing ways of making it easier for young
>activists to deal with the marginalization and alienation that highschool
>and living with crusty parents can bring. We felt that it was necessary
>to get highschool students in different parts of the province talking to
>each other so as to encourage each others' work and carry out common
>debate and organizing.
>In order to do this, we felt that an internal forum for discussion and
>common organization needed to be established. This led to my meeting with
>the group of highschool and youth activists in Sudbury on the 30th. What
>follows are notes from the minutes of that meeting and a call to encourage
>other youth activists to become involved in this project. It will be an
>excellent opportunity especially going into the next school year.
>For the last year, there has been a rise in involvement by young people in
>activist work in Sudbury. This has been primarily in the areas of mutual
>support work (Food Not Bombs), animal rights activism (crashing the circus
>when it comes to town) and cultural resistance (punk rock.) In addition
>to this work, these student activists have been involved in the coalition
>for social justice and the planning for the Sudbury Festival of
>Resistance. However, this work has been characterized as youthful
>idealism and has not moved beyond the original group of friends involved
>in starting it. It was the feeling that more people needed to get
>involved and that more activism could get done. (to my amazement, ten or
>so of them turned out for a meeting that was called on less than 24 hours
>notice yet they expressed disappointment with how few people showed up!)
>Similarly, youth activists in highschools in Guelph, Toronto and elsewhere
>have been involved in organizing around days of actions, sometimes getting
>involved with tuition fights on campuses and putting out 'zines and
>holding shows and other cultural forms of resistance. The purpose of the
>proposed project is to link up youth activists, develop the networks
>required to share information and experiences and move the activism of
>youth and highschool students into a more prominent position within the
>overall movement of resistance against oppressive shit. The main
>complaint of the highschool students that arrived at the Student Activist
>Network Conference last summer was that there was a lack of commuication
>and mutual support.
>The discussion about the shape of the project at the meeting in Sudbury
>was a very positive one. This is a run down of the eventual shape that
>the participants in the meeting decided upon:
>-An internal newsletter for youth and highschool activists must be created
>in order to speak to our needs and experiences as young activists in
>-This newsletter should be compiled once monthly and include reports,
>analysis, suggestions, organizational proposals, reproducible articles and
>graphics for 'zine sharing and encouragement from all participating
>geographic locations.
>-Outreach must be done to include as many isolated highschool activists as
>possible into the project so that it represents as many voices and
>experiences as possible.
>-Each participating group of highschool activists shall meet regularly to
>determine what they wish to include from their region and organizing
>initiatives to the newsletter and mail all contributions to a central
>compiling site.
>-A designated activist at the central site compiles all of the
>submissions, organizes them and mails out the newsletter to the mailing
>list of contributors.
>-An elected representative in the contributing region takes on the
>responsibility of reproducing and distributing the newsletter to local
>youth activists.
>-Local meetings are held to discuss the work of other youth activists and
>the contents of the newsletter. These meetings can be used as a way of
>meeting up with other interested activists and inviting curious friends
>into the world of organized resistance
>-Local groups are responsible for the costs of reproducing and
>distributing the newsletter
>-The central compiling site for the newsletter changes on a monthly basis
>so that all groups of youth activists can have the opportunity to develop
>their skills and talents as newsletter designers.
>-The central compiling site is responsible for the cost of mailing out the
>newletter to the participating regions
>The first newsletter will be compiled by myself and Kheya B. in Guelph.
>We are hoping to get contributions from highschools and youth activists
>from Toronto and its suburbs, Milton, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa
>and Sudbury.
>All submissions must be in by August 15th, 1997
>The newsletter will arrive by mail before the first day of classes.
>Send all submissions to:
>Newsletter, c/o Andrew Thompson
>RR#5 Georgetown, Ontario
>L7G 4S8
>0r email < >
>Direct all inquiries to Kheya @ (519) 821-3896
>The next issue of the newsletter will be compiled in Sudbury.

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