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David Fingrut (hermes3@tao.ca)
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 21:31:20 -0400 (EDT)

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From: entropy haus <entropy@eden.com> Subject: Oct. ECD news

Dear ECD participants, We are already getting in quite a few encouraging responses to the action alert for Oct. '97 End Corporate Dominance month. Below are some items of interest:

1) Multinational Monitor has offered free copies of their mag for distribution at any Oct. ECD event. To arrange for delivery, contact them at: monitor@essential.org

2) There is an excellent listserve which has offered to let us coordinate ECD events on their list. (Some of you are already on it.) This list discusses general corporate info and theory, action alerts, and coordination of the Corporations and Democracy Teach-ins being held Mar 1-7, 1998. Soon this list will be split into three lists roughly along these lines. I'm thinking about just subscribing all of you, unless you have objections. Right now you are all on an email list which has become very long and unwieldy on my computer. This listserve would let us all connect without depending on me to forward messages and requests for info, a task which has stretched my memory and competence past the limits. I will wait for a couple of weeks before I start subscribing y'all to this list. If you want to get on right now, Here's what to do:

send e-mail to listproc@envirolink.org The subject line can be blank. In the body of the message type only this: subscribe corporations Your Name

If you need to unscribe from the list, do this: send e-mail to listproc@envirolink.org The subect line can be blank. In the body of the message type only this: signoff corporations

If you want to post to the list (and please do, that's why it's here!): send e-mail to corporations@envirolink.org Fill in the subject line, type your message in the body, send it.

3) So far we have heard of ECD actions planned for: Idaho; Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Chicago; Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; Bethlehem, NH; Chattenooga, TN; Boulder, CO; Green Bay, WI; Madison, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Washington, DC; Ottowa, Ontario; Eugene & elsewhere, OR; Carbondale, IL Anti-corporate events planned by other groups not necessarily affiliated (yet) with the ECD campaign include: An international day of action in early Oct. against Peabody Coal over the Big Mountain mining/forced relocation of the Navaho. Contact: tortuga@igc.org Campaign for Labor Rights day of action against Nike sweatshops on Oct. 18th in Canada, the United States, Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and England. They are also calling Oct. 4th a "Day of Conscience" to promote a petition drive to promote a stronger accord on sweatshop regulations, to be delivered to the Whitehouse at the end of the year. For copies of the petition and an accompanying brochure, call the National Labor Committee at 1-212-242-3002. Contact: clr@igc.org The Foundation on Economic Trends, the Pure Food Campaign, and activists from around the world invite us to participate in the October 2-16, 1997 Global Days of Action against genetically engineered foods, life patents, and factory farming. Simultaneous demos are planned in 40 different countries. Contact: alliance@mr.net

4) Support/coendorsement has come from: REDES-Amigos de la Tierra Uruguay Peace Action of San Mateo County; Lawrence Soley, author of _Leasing the Ivory Tower_ (which details how universities have been bought out by the corps.) has offered help to the campaign, and can be reached at SOLEYL@vmsb.csd.mu.edu; Austin Alliance for Democracy

5) Folks asking for info on ECD actions in their area: Ronald Moore in Texarcana, AK: rmoore@igc.org; gina sasso/michael delacour in Northern CA: gmsasso@sj.bigger.net

6) There are a lot of good anti-corporate web sites, including: http://baobabcomputing.com/all/links.html http://violet.berkeley.edu/~orourke/PIN.html http://www.envirolink.org/issues/corporate/corplist.html http://www.envirolink.org/issues/corporate/pepsico/index.html http://www.ratical.com/corporations/ http://www.essential.org/monitor/

7) Hate mail has been received from Eran Deran, eran@best.com

Thanks to all of you for your excellent work! Please stay in touch, and let us know all about your events!

Cedar Stevens, Earth First! Austin End Corporate Dominance campaign (512) 320-0413

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