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Thu, 31 Jul 1997 05:48:49 PDT

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Written for A-Infos 31 July Andrew Flood Barcelona

As I type the different sub groups of the information table are reporting back. Their conclusions are the products of four days discussing the neoliberal media, our experience of opposing it and how we can improve the network of communications between our struggles.

Some points that have emerged include the fact that the network must be one that 1. Gives a voice to the voiceless 2. Has no central control but rather communicates through many channels later many of the documents will be produced and made available on the internet

This network is not something that was born at this meeting or indeed at the Zapatista organised encounter last year. Rather is has existed as long as struggles have existed. We have sought to communicate between our struggles, in early times by spoken word and song. With the invention of printing this network became more permanent and visable. Our work here neither starts nor completes this network but we hope in will be a real addition to making our voices heard.

Apart from the discussions we have taken part in demonstrations and exchanged material from our struggles. This helps us see the reality of our struggles. Yesterday people from Rome showed us the video they had made of their occupation of two trains in Milan by people who wanted to go to the Éuropean march against unemployment´in Amsterdam last month. In their success in that occupation they inspired us, in the repression of some of the occupiers by the Amsterdam riot police they showed us we have a common experience and common enemy that does not hold back from communicating against us. We also must communicate against it, that is the purpose of our discussions

Andrew Flood

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