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The Truth Matters

by Ace R. Hayes (Portland Free Press, July/August 1997 issue)

Berlet's Papal Bull Is Back

Pope (John Foster, A.K.A. "Chip") Berlet has issued more papal bull. His new encyclical is titled, "Challenging Populist Conspiracism."

As usual, Berlet takes my name in vain; so it seems only fair that I should take his phony psyop apart yet again. Since this craven piece of government-issue "spy and lie" is once again on the Internet with government propaganda, it seems that I owe people a reminder of Berlet's rotten roots. (To be absolutely fair - Berlet's name does not appear on this article. It came from the Political Research Associates' (PRA) Public Eye Website, 7 June 1997, and there is no byline for authorship. But, since it is his outfit and his turgid style, I am giving him the discredit. If, in fact, someone else wrote this twaddle, then I suggest PRA stop putting unsigned crapola on the Internet; however, since I would be too embarrassed to put my name to such trash, I probably should express some sympathy for the author choosing anonymity.)

Berlet has been in and out of bed with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), FBI, CIA and John Birch Society (JBS) so many times over the years it is a joke. Nonetheless, this amoral factoid still pontificates as though he had any more credibility than his JBS buddy, John Rees. Having blown this clown's cover starting with the July/August 1995 PFP in my article, "Berlet for Beginners," I don't feel any obligation to replow the same ground. Anyone who wants the documentation can send three bucks for each back issue.

Berlet spends 99 percent of his time attacking the people who have actually exposed U.S. Government crimes and cover-ups, and one percent of his time exposing same. This is 100 percent U.S. Government damage control. Attacking some of the best investigators of Imperial state crimes is a state lap dog's job.

He babbles incessantly about the need for and value of "progressive power structure research," but he never does any. Instead he whines constantly about "pseudo-radical allegations of conspiracism." He attacks the Christic Institute and defends Bush, Rockefeller and the Imperial oligarchy.

He reduces history to "broad forces and large structures of human collectives." This is the Big Mac version of "analysis." This nut-case standard beats President Bush's Christmas Eve Pardons of the other Iran-Contra criminals. It is a preemptive pardon for all government crimes, criminals and cover-ups. It cancels the Nuremberg laws.

"It is important to see anti-elite conspiracism and scapegoating as not merely destructive of a progressive analysis but as specific techniques used by fascist political movements, to provide a radical-sounding left cover for a rightist attack on the status quo."

Berlet is really saying that he loves the plutocrats and considers any exposť of their crimes to be a fascist conspiracy.

Elite conspiracy put the American people through the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and dozens of secret wars over the past half century. Elite conspiracy runs drugs around the world, etc., etc., and yet Berlet denounces elite "scapegoating."

How can anyone possibly scapegoat murdering mobsters? The elite kills more people with one phony war than all the street hoods who ever lived.

The constitutional CEO of Pax Americana should be prosecuted for crimes against peace, and would be, were there any rule of law. However, the Nuremberg Laws only apply to losers and "might makes right" is still the law of the jungle we laughingly call Democratic Civilization.

It is the right and duty of every citizen to demand that the elite live by the very law that they pretend to respect and require the people to obey. Gold-collar crimes are no more to be admired than are the gold-collar criminals.

To take any other position is to aid and abet corruption. To do so for money is prostitution. So Pope Berlet turns out to he a whore, because he gets paid to aid and abet elite corruption.

The sick sophistries of CIA/FBI/ADL propagandists such as Berlet simply prove that the psywar boys and girls in D.C. are running scared. The people are catching on to the terminal corruption of the Washington and Wall Street Nazis.

Berlet is failing in his assigned mission to preserve the division of the people in the moribund camps of Left and Right The division of the people into warring camps which make no more sense than the Big Enders verse the Little Enders of Lilliput. (Gulliver traveled to Lilliput and found that half the people opened their soft-boiled egg from the big end and half from the other. Over this trivial preference, wars were fought) Are we any brighter than the Lilliputians?

Berlet's mission can be precisely identified from the writings of one of his chief patrons, Richard Dennis. Dennis was president of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in 1990. The Fall 1990 edition of their publication had the following from Dennis on the "Publisher's Page":

"It is no accident that George Wallace introduced all-intrusive populism into postwar America. If politicizing everything becomes the rule, we'll get Ollie North's foreign policy and Jesse Helms' FBI-monitored cultural policy long before we get Ted Kennedy's health and human services policies. Transmogrifying limited democracy into unlimited populism would be a liberal's nightmare." As usual, Political Research Associates (PRA), which employs Berlet as their "senior research analyst," received some $522K in 1996 while selling a mere $14K of its screeds. And, as usual, the lead donor was "Anonymous" (PRA Annual Report, Spring 1997, p.7).

That none of this seems to bother the institutional Left, tells this analyst that the institutional Left is as corrupt, co-opted and compromised as the institutional Right Both are sheep dogs for the fascist plutocracy.

This is one sheep that despises all the plutocrats' sheep dogs with equal enthusiasm. It is devoutly to be wished that every citizen would become an active populist and join together to overthrow the unconstitutional misrule and abuse by the corporados and their paid propagandists.

To add to Pope Berlet's heresy nightmares, I would like to briefly recount a meeting I was invited to attend and speak at recently. It was a hundred-plus people who came from every point of the political compass. It opened with a Protestant Christian prayer for God's guidance and justice.

I reminded the folks that what we had permitted our government to do to the peasants in other countries, they will do to us. I went on to remind people that what they had possibly thought great FBI work when it was killing members of the American Indian Movement, Black Panther Party and others in the '60s and '70s, was now killing them at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Finally, I insisted that unless the Bill of Rights protected everyone against government abuse then no one would be protected. So we all had better get it through our heads that the problem is top verses bottom and not Left verses Right.

The people provided several rounds of applause at my remarks. This is what scares the crap out of all propagandists for the Imperial corporate elite - they will lose their perks and paychecks if the secret services get shut down.

If we do not drain the cesspool of secrecy, shut down the jack-booed government gun thugs and put an end to the entire government-directed system of spying and lying by NGO's (non-governmental organizations) such as the Anti-Defamation League, Political Research Associates, Coalition for Human Dignity, Southern Poverty Law Center, John Birch Society, etc., our Bill of Rights is doomed and so is the nation.

Who Is Gordon Witkin?

The 2 June 1997 U.S. News & World Report had its lead editorial by Gordon Witkin. It was another "Yes-we-have-no-conspiracies" hummer which is becoming the dumbo de jure of corporate media, including The Nation magazine. Witkin deserves substantial citation:

"The past several years have been a boon for America's growing legion of conspiracy theorists; Waco, Ruby Ridge, TWA 800, the CIA-crack connection, and the death of Clinton aide Vince Foster are only a few of the recent stones that have called them (sometimes literally) to arms. Surely this conspiracy fever has something to do with the popularity of Chris Carter's foreboding TV series, The X-Files. In one episode, the mysterious "smoking man" revealed that the dark government cell he represents was indeed responsible for the assassinations of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. and almost everything in between. ...

"What's different today is that a larger slice of the country's elite believe these notions, which modern bullhorns like talk radio and the Internet make familiar and seemingly unexceptional.

"Government guilt. It must also be said that the government has been guilty of enough conspiracies to fuel the paranoia. ...

"But adopting conspiracies wholesale means not figuring out who's really responsible. Conspiracymongers make it doubly hard for truth seekers to do their work. They can also cause deep anguish while damaging the credibility of government institutions already regarded with cynicism. The San Jose Mercury News admitted that articles it published suggesting CIA involvement in the spread of the crack epidemic were significantly flawed. Allegations that a Navy missile brought down TWA Flight 800 now appear to reflect the buffoonery of former newsman Pierre Salinger and a few cohorts. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is expected to release a report concluding, as previous inquiries have, that Foster committed suicide.

"Unfortunately, such refutations will not diminish the appeal of outlandish conspiracy theories. They reflect a primary need. In a world where everything seems to be changing incomprehensibly fast, conspiracy theories satisfy a hunger for logical explanations, for order. It may be twisted, but it's order nonetheless -and more attractive than the explanation that events unfold randomly. Conspiracy thinking allows people to avoid confronting the idea that sometimes, well, stuff happens...."

Since The X-Files claims that Government Murder, Inc. assassinated JFK and MLK, then it must be a joke, a fraud or a fantasy. But, of course, this is one of the key functions of The X-Files. While I know of no direct evidence that U.S. Government spooks created and script The X-Files, it seems entirely probable.

Since we can document a half-century of CIA/FBI media manipulation in print and publishing, it would be stupid not to expect the same game in electronic modes. As well, the CIA is authorized under Executive Order 12333 (thank you, Ronald Fecal Brain) to enter into secret contracts for goods and services with any company (PFP, May/June '97, p.8).

Given all this, how can it be assumed that Witkin himself is not just another spook writer? There is a long and well documented history of people like Witkin turning out to be spooks. PFP is willing to assume as a self-evident truth that Witkin is a witting asset, if not an agent, of U.S. Government spookery. Otherwise, he would not be pumping damage-control propaganda for the USG.

Sick, twisted lies for Daddy Warbucks don't get written by accident, nor do they get published on page 9 of one of the three most powerful weekly news magazines in America.

Sinister Sidebar

Witkin and Berlet have an amazing similarity of formulation in their most recent damage-control screeds for Plutocracy, Inc. When one finds identical cookies in two separate lunch boxes, one is reasonably inclined to suspect that they came from the same cookie cutter Perhaps Jimmy and Johnny Jones have the same mama making their lunches. Or, in the case of Witkin and Berlet, the same script supplied by the same psyop folks at the same headquarters.

Looking at each canard in its totality, there is the same basic architecture. Each concedes the truth of some U.S. Government crimes and cover-ups that are common knowledge and impossible to deny. Both mentioned COININTELPRO and each mentioned the usual others-- CIA drug running, Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Iran/Contra, Watergate and the S&L swindle.

To make such pro forma concessions of U.S. Government crimes and cover-ups safely in the misty past provides the phony credibility to attack the current critics of U.S. Government crimes and cover-ups whether past or present Witkin spends the bulk of his piece denigrating anyone who challenges the plutocrats' party line on JFK, MLK, OKC, CIA, TWA 800 and the Foster "suicide." Berlet attacks Dave Emory, John Judge, Dan Sheehan, Ace Hayes and Dan Brandt, among others, by name, as "practioners" [sic] of "conspiracist pseudo-radical parodies of power structure research." Further, he attacks the defunct Christic Institute, "the Secret Team" that took out JFK and all criticism of "the Zionist lobby."

Witkin was a speaker at the June 1994 National Institute of Justice Conference, "Law Enforcement Technology for the 21st Century," Panel A.

This conference, combined with the Center for Strategic and International Studies' March 1993 report on "Military Technical Revolution: A Structural Framework," are the blueprint for global Imperialism.

More on these in future issues. Lobster magazine has some interesting observations about the Left-vs.-Right issue. The thesis of "fusion paranoia" advanced by the corporate-state flacks is considered to be "contamination paranoia" by the corporate-state critics. If the "Right" spends some time bashing a particular government abuse then the "Left" won't touch the issue with a forked stick because it would "contaminate" them, and vice versa. The goal of political purity is, of course, an up-front declaration of brain death. Truth is irrelevant to anyone who holds religious orthodoxy as the highest value, and it is no less absurd to elevate politics to the status of religion.

See the Summer 1997 Lobster, #33. ____________________________________________________ The Portland Free Press "Tell the truth and run" --Geroge Seldes http://www.radio4all.org/pfp

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