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This is a rough translation of a a post in Italian by Radio Black Out on July 13. Even though the post appeared two weeks ago, the contents will be new to those who don=92t read Italian. The subject is a police document delivered anonymously to Black Out Radio in Turin. Since then the judge in the Marini inquiry has ruled that about 56 of the defendants will stand trial in October, and the police have searched Radio Black Out (the judge having ruled, without any investigation, that the document was a forgery), seizing a copy of the document and the station=92s computer.

Here=92s the translation:

On July10 a letter (sender anonymous) was delivered to Radio Black Out in Turin containing a document from the Special Operations Group (ROS) of the Carabinieri (Italian police) Rome Anticrime Section, protocol number 148/19/S with the title "Informative note of the service for internal use relative to possible investigative activity to be conducted concerning anarchist subversion."

The long document (14 pages) recounts the fundamental stages of the lengthy investigations of anarchists conducted over the last 20 years by the Police, by the courts, and by others. The document is interesting above all in regard to the method of investigation used by ROS. After the dust cloud raised by the so-called Riccio method and the consequent polemics that developed between the ROS in Genoa and the ROS in Rome, this document represents the inescapable proof that it is not the question of a method of investigation gone wrong (a method where the evidence does not exist, but is constructed by the agents working on the investigation), but of common practices accepted and used by governmental bodies.

Here are several excerpts:

"=85it is urgent to intensify the investigative and executive activity and= put into effect=20 procedures to stop it [anarchist ideology], to prevent its further pernicious spread=85"

"=85in 1980=85Bonanno was identified as belonging to Revolutionary Action according to statements by the collaborator Paghera that turned out to be inadequate=85"

"=85in 1989 the Procuror=92s Office of Florence ordered a series of searches with regard to Orlando Campo, Angela Maria Lo Vecchio, Antonio Gizzo, Emma Sassosi, Giovanni Barcia, Alfredo Bonanno, Maria Grazia Scopetta, Pierleone Porcu and Paolo Ruberto as part of investigations into attacks on pylons=85sufficient evidence against these persons was not gathered but they were implicated together with Garagin Greogrian in the investigations concerning the Silocchi kidnapping..Francesco Poru, sought for the Ricca kidnapping was taken into custody in Rome..in the course of the operation Rose Ann Scrocco, Angela Maria Lo Vecchio, Giovanni Barcia, and Salvatore Condro=92 were identified=85this chance circumstance will favor the lucky beginning and the consequent success of the investigations into the Silocchi kidnapping=85"

"=85Beginning in 1988 he[Bonanno] participated in the creation of= initiatives to spread the ideology in question, such as the formation of new autonomous social centers and influencing the existing ones in the insurrectionalist anarchist direction=85"

"=85such activities, while causing potential tensions for the public order= do not constitute, in and of themselves, a danger for institutions but do constitute nonetheless a first step toward the committing of criminale activity=85"

"=85in the period following the arrest in Trento.. he participated in the proliferation of solidarity activities=85manifested by both the physical presence of sympathizers in the audience .. as well as meetings organized at various social centers, with the publication of articles in periodicals such as "Cane Nero"=85with the formation of an Anarchist Defense Committee=85activities which are legal in themselves but it may be= maintained represent the entryway to crime=85"

"=85at present attention is focused on Mojdeh Namsetchi, romantically linked to Carlo Tesseri =85she does not seem connected to anarchism=85nor does she= have any ideological ties that would join her to the other suspects...her economic situation is worsening=85she has begun to entertain clients of a night club...after evaluating these factors the personnel of the said section have decided to enter into contact with Namsetchi, with a view to her possible collaboration with the Carabinieri=85The task was undertaken by the Operative Nucleus of Civitavecchia and had an immediate response=85"

"..Namsetchi disclosed that she had no propensity toward anarchist ideology=85admitted she was passing through a difficult time...and declared herself available to make any contribution=85"

"=85the probability is apparent of easily exerting pressure on Namsetchi, identified as a vulnerable element and particularly malleable=85"

"=85we would also recommend the "acclimatization" of criminal activity such= as the robbery in Trento, where Tesseri, Weir, Budini and Stratigopoulos have already been convicted of the same crime=85"

"=85the eventual recognition by the tribunal of Namsetchi=92s legitimacy= will permit us to hypothesize the crime of armed gang or even just subversive association for all the anarchists already identified=85"

"In the final analysis, even though the activities of acquiring evidence conducted during these years =85do not furnish objective elements sufficient for the material identification of the attacks it can be assumed that they were committed by persons gravitating in these circles=85with the= complicity, at least psychological, of all the other members=85"

Of first importance=85is investigative work of prevention=85aimed at the identification of the actual contacts and meetings among the alleged members...All the persons=85can then fall under such an investigation...and the results of this=85must then be intertwined and brought into agreement with those of various court actions=85"

"=85it is considered urgent and essentialthat surveillance and observation= in social centers be intensified=85resorting whenever it appears necessary to diversified pressures to be brought against various persons=85"

The document speaks at length of the investigations centered above all on the insurrectionalist anarchists and in particular on Alfredo Bonanno, and also on various events and persons involved in various repressive events over the course of the last 15 years.

The decisive and disturbing part of the document=97which we repeat was for internal use=97speaks of various attempts in the past to arrest and convict various anarchists and also describes clearly the dynamics according to which actions should happen, dynamics realized in the Marini inquiry, in which 68 persons are implicated, accused of armed band and who are during this time on trial (Tuesday the 15 and Thursday the 17 of July 1997) in the courtroom of the Foro Italico in Rome.

In the document that has come to us it is clearly said that even without proof the anarchists are dangerous and are to be locked up, in view particularly of their spread. It is said that it would have been useful and opportune to contact the woman who would become the "penitent" in as much as she was alone, without money, and above all not an anarchist. The document recommends widening the investigation to involve as many individuals as possible, and social centers.

The document is, we repeat, a report for internal use of the ROS--14 pages long and dated 1994.

The entire document [in Italian] is available from: Radio Black Out in Turin tel (011) 650.34.22 Radio Onda Rossa di Roma (06) 491.750 El Paso Occupato (011) 317.41.07 Prinz Eugen Occupato tel. (011) 436.73.38 or on the Internet at http://www.ecn.org/zero/ros.htm

Radio Black Out Sunday, July13, 1997=20

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