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roger de garis (rdegaris@panix.com)
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 18:15:07 -0400

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Translation of Black Out Radio's Press Release of July 25


Today Friday, July 25, 1997 at about 2 p.m. police attached to the Rome Special Operations Group (ROS) arrived at our location at 13 Via S. Anselmo with a search warrant for the radio station and the residences of two editors.

The measure was signed by Assistant Public Prosecutors Antonio Marini, Franco Ionta and Piero De Crescenzo in connection with the crime of "forgery of an official document" (art. 476 of the Penal Code) and concerned the document that was delivered to us on the 10th of this month on ROS-headed paper from an anonymous source.

The document, which was the subject of a press conference by our radio station on the 16th of this month, presents the activities to be carried out to artificially create evidence sufficient to incriminate the so-called "insurrectionalist" anarchist circles in view of the uselessness of 15 years of investigative activity on the part of the very same police.

The document (dated December 1994 and about 14 pages long) mentions the possibility of using a young woman described as "malleable" and prepared to cooperate with the police, providing "any type of collaboration whatsoever."

Practically, the document was a harbinger of the Marini inquiry against anarchists, 58 of whom were recently sent to trial for the crime of participating in an armed gang, on the basis of the testimony of the very same woman.

The search (about 2 hours long) resulted in the seizure of a copy of the document itself and of a computer.

This intimidation against our radio station, which has always followed anarchist court events normally left in total silence by the media, represents a most serious act, especially in light of the fact that an investigation designed to verify the authenticity of the document is now underway.

Despite this the Rome Procurator's Office has already decided the result and has investigated the persons who, meeting their legal obligations and sending a copy to the Turin Police Headquarters, publicized it, as is their perfect right. For having delivered it in person, two editors were themselves the subject of searches of their residences.

We reaffirm our total freedom of communication and information and our will not to succumb to any intimidation of a police or inquisitorial nature.

We ask all media for an act of solidarity with the only free radio station in Turin and to protest interference of whatever kind or origin by spreading the news of this most serious act of repression.

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