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This is a rough translation of a post in Italian on 7/18 concerning the judge's rulings in the trial of 68 Italian anarchists. The Italian government's attempt to implicate large numbers of anarchists on the charges of "subversive association" is really frightening. Look for more information in future posts. =20

Anarchist Defense Committee

Update on the decision in the Marini inquiry to commit for trial against the anarchists.

Thursday, July 17, 1997 the judge of the Preliminary Investigation of the Tribunal of Rome, Claudio d=92Angelo, handed down the following decision.

Remember that all those under investigation were charged with associative crimes of: "subversive association" (art. 270 of the Penal Code), subversive association with the aim of terrorism and subversion of democratic order (270 bis of the P.C.), formation and participation in an armed gang (306 P.C.). In addition all were charged with receiving stolen goods(648 P.C.). In addition there was added "flagrant aggravating circumstances" of any crime committed with the purpose of terrorism (art. 1 law 15 of 1980), aggravating circumstance introduced during the years of the "terrorist emergency," which increases all penalties by one third without being reduced by attenuating circumstances. An expeditious way to add years of prison even for trifles.

Anna Beniamino, Mario Frisetti, Maria Ludovica Maschietto, Alfredo, Cospito, Nadia De Pascale, Raffaele Scapuzzo, Carmela Di Marca, Rosa Gabriela Raneri, Maria Grazia Antonia Scoppetta, Giuseppe Scarso, Bruno Palamara, Roberto Sforza, Pierleone Porcu, Costantino Cavalleri, Anna Maria Sgaramella, Mario Anzoino, and Maria Avenale will stand trial for "participation in a subversive organization aimed at subverting by violence the economic and social order constituted in the State" (270 bis P.C.). The judge however acquitted them of the charge of "armed gang" and receiving stolen property.

Loris Fantazzini, Pasquale Lorenti, Flavia Cannoletta, Roberto Gemignani, Marco Brizzolari, Domenico Maracino, Viola Corrada, Edoardo Massari Giovanni Mario Sanna, and Bachisio Goddi were released from all charges.

Alfredo Maria Bonanno, Tiziano Andreozzi, Francesco Berlemmi, Antonio Budini, Marco Camenisch, Orlando Campo, Maria Apollonia Cortimiglia, Luciano Di Fazio, Liborio Falso, Horst Fantazzini, Antonio Gizzo, Franco Fonte, Garagin Gregorian, Salvatore Gugliara, Christina Lo Forte, Angela Maria Lo Vecchio, Guido Mantelli, Maria Marotta, Giuseppe Martino, Stefano Moreale, Mojdeh Namsetchi, Roberta Nano, Bruno Palamara, Fabrizio Pio, Francesco Porcu, Lorenzo Ricci, Giuseppina Riccobono, Paolo Ruberto, Emma Sassosi, Rose Ann Scrocco, Antonio Sforza, Fabio Sforza, Massimo Sforza, Giuseppe Stasi, Christos Stratigopoulos, Carlo Tesseri, Evangelia Tzioutzia, and Jean Helen Weir will be tried for "participation in a subversive association directed at subverting violently the economic social order constituted in the State" (270 P.C.), subversive association with the aim of terrorism and subversion of democratic order (270 bis of the P.C.), formation and participation in an armed gang (306 P.C.), receiving of stolen goods (648 P.C.), flagrant aggravating circumstance" of any crime committed with the purpose of terrorism (art. 1 law 15 of 1980. These accused will also be tried for all the charges brought against them as individuals. In practice the judge granted all the prosecution=92s requests.

The Gip did not grant any of the requests for the revocation or substitution of imprisonment for Antonio Budini, Marco Camenisch, Orlando Campo, Horst Fantazzini, Antonion Gizzo, Garagin Gregorian, Paolo Ruberto, Emma Sassosi, Giuseppe Stasi, and Carlo Tesseri, although he did grant the request to revoke house arrest for Giuseppina Riccobono and Cristina Loforte, substituting in place the requirement that they sign in twice daily with the Carabinieri.

The cases of Passamani and Condro=92 were removed from the trial. Condro=92= is awaiting the final verdict of the minister concerning extradition requested by Italy and accepted by the Chambre d=92Accusation, while for Massimo Passamani the latter will hand down its verdict on extradition on Tuesday, July 22.

Judge d=92Angelo supported the validity of the investigations conducted by= the ROS notwithstanding (or perhaps precisely for that reason) the appearance in the courtroom of an paper for internal police use of the ROS dated December 1994 in which a put-up job against anarchists through the use of bribed testimony and earlier convictions of a few anarchists for crimes like robbery is anticipated. This paper, 14 pages long (sent anonymously to Radio Black Out in Turin on July 10), which clearly shows how the police and courts operated in practice, was not taken into consideration by the judge, who not only did not immediately begin an investigation to check its authenticity, but defined it as an awkward attempt to put off the preliminary hearing past the period of cautionary custody (September 17, 1996 to 1997).

It should be remembered that the Constitutional Court has recently ruled that the obligation of judicial authorities to interrogate within 5 days those held on charges, as is stipulated in art. 294 P.C., is binding and not at the arbitrary discretion of judges. Many of the arrested anarchists were interrogated after the five days but were not released, as the law stipulates, even though this rule was applied throughout Italy, with the release of very many accused of a wide range of crimes. A clear sign, for the millionth time, of the intent to persecute that accompanies this trial.

On September 17 the second-step trial for the Silocchi kidnapping will resume, a trial annulled by the Court of Appeals last December 18 because of the numerous and evident instances of forcing performed by the investigators (disappearing evidence or invented evidence, bribed witnesses=85). And meanwhile Garagin and Campo, have been in prison since 1991.

For information: CDA (Anarchist Defense Committee) c/o El Paso, Via P. Buole 47, 101127, Turin, Italy, tel. 011-3174107 fax 011-674833 http://www.ecn.org/zero/anarchy.htm e-mail elpasosq@freenet.hut.fi


We forgot to state that the beginning date for the Marini trial has been set for October 20, 1997, in the bunker courtroom of Rebibbia Prison (Rome) at 9:00=97the Second Court of Assizes

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