(en,ca) *** VIRUS ALERT ***

Stefan Merten (merten@dfki.uni-kl.de)
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:54:30 +0200

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Hi subscribers!

As it seems the message

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 01:18:40 +0200 From: Lucha Autonoma <la@nodo50.ix.apc.org> Subject: (ca) Contr@-info. No 6. Madrid. UPA-Molotov.23/7/97 To: a-infos@tao.ca Message-Id: <33B6ED44.3D86@nodo50.ix.apc.org>

contains a virus in the attachment:

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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:54:24 -0700 From: Jason Witherspoon <arzachel@sirius.com> Subject: Re: (ca) Contr@-info. =?iso-8859-1?Q?N=BA?= 6. Madrid. UPA-Molotov.23/7/97 To: a-infos-raw@tao.ca In-Reply-To: <33B6ED44.3D86@nodo50.ix.apc.org> Message-Id: <l03110704affc3c030f1d@[]>

At 4:18 PM -0700 6/29/97, Lucha Autonoma wrote: >Salud companyer@s intergalacticos. nos presentamos nuevamnte esperando
>recibir vuestras respuestas a las preguntas que quizas os hagais. que te
>parece? te interesa? no te interesa? deseas colaborar en la red
>Contr@-info? os llega bien? etc. Hasta la proxima un@s besit@s
>Attachment converted: Sempiternal Darkness:23-7faxsem.doc 1 (WDBN/MSWD)
This attachment contains a virus. What the fuck?? Isn't this list moderated? Jason Witherspoon ----O---- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- X --- --- --- com/~arz http://www.best.com/~arzachel www.best.com/~arzachel best.com/~a ***A-INFOS DISCLAIMER - IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE*** A-Infos disclaims responsibility for the information in this message.

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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 01:54:56 +0000 From: ainfos_subscriber <mpn@aleph.pangea.org> Subject: (ca) aviso posible virus To: a-infos-raw@tao.ca Message-Id: <199707240104.CAA05743@aleph.pangea.ORG>

Salud, Este es un mensaje para posibles usuarios que hayan recibido un e-mail con t=EDtulo (ca) Contr@-info. N=BA 6. Madrid. UPA-Molotov.23/7/97 Contiene un fichero .DOC, en el que parece que se col=F3 un virus del tipo macro. Es recomendable no abrir el anexo sin pasar antes el antivirus. El de McAfee lo detect=F3 como CAP-A Informaci=F3n del virus en: http://www.mcafee.com/support/techdocs/vinfo/vm007.html un subscriptor de A-Infos. ***A-INFOS DISCLAIMER - IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE*** A-Infos disclaims responsibility for the information in this message.

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I didn't check this myself, and I don't have the means for that. I recommend that you don't even read this message.

We are sorry, this slipped through our moderation system. We usually don't accept posts containing attachments, but our moderation collective (`a-infos-org@tao.ca') is quite open for political reasons, and thus such things may happen - though they definitely should not. Sorry for that.

BTW: Please report any problems you are having with any part of the a-infos project to `a-infos-org@tao.ca'.

Mit li(e)bert"aren Gr"u"sen


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