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Wed, 23 Jul 1997 03:01:14 +0200

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The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is holding its second Ministerial Conference on May 18-20 1998 in Geneva, right after the G7 meeting in Birminghan (16-17 May) - which means that the WTO show will most probably feature Clinton, Blair, Kohl and company. Their presence will bring some glitter to the official celebration of the 50th aniversary of the multilateral trading system (GATT and WTO), which has brought so much joy to the Transnational Corporations and so much sorrow to peoples and nature (excepting a few people of greedy nature).

We are not going to stay at home while they have fancy dinners broadcast live on TV. We are alreday organising in order to use this event as a catalyst for protest and anger, and as a high-point for networking and coordinated action for humanity and against neoliberalism. (If you did not hear about this plans until now, tell us and we will send you more information - email us at <playfair@asta.rwth-aachen.de>).

We are holding a meeting in El Indiano, Spain, from the 4th to the 8th of August 1997 to prepare actions and talk about future coordination on the WTO. People active in many peoples' movements all around the world will be present. We invite you to join these discussions - if possible in person, if not by internet.

We are considering sending out daily e-mails during the meeting, reporting the results so far and consulting on things on which we want to have as broad consultations as possible (especially documents, but also on plans). We will do it if enough people show interest on it. So please, if you like the idea, please send us a short email and we will put you on the list. And tell us whether you already have the documents "1998 WTO Ministerial Conference in Geneva" and "Meeting on the World Trade Organisation" or not.

Zapata vive, la lucha sigue!

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