IGC Controversy

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From: lamp@igc.apc.org (Labor Art & Mural Project)



IGC Controversy

>Sender: owner-ireland_list@email.rutgers.edu
>Precedence: bulk
>The Euskal Herria Journal has been removed from the IGC server due to a
>mail-bomb attack on the page and pressure from the Spanish government in
>retaliation for an action carried out by the ETA. It would have been hoped
>that there would have been more respect for freedom of speech on IGC, but
>apparently such hopes have been dashed.
>In that IGC is the carrier for more organizations of the Left than any other,
>at least within the American Left, such censorship of a journal site of a
>legitimate political party representing the just struggle of the Basque people
>for national liberation cannot be ignored.
>The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America encourage all those
>who support the anti-imperialist, national liberation, and social justice
>struggles throughout the world contact IGC to protest this action. Those who
>presently have sites on IGC we would stongly encourage to include in their
>protest a statement that if EHJ is not permitted to re-establish its site
>on IGC within 30 days, your organization will move its sites to a new server
>and terminate its contract with IGC.
>Peter Urban
>North American Coorinator
>IGC Mission:
> To expand and inspire movements for peace, economic and social
> justice, human rights and environmental sustainability around the
> world by providing and developing accessible computer networking
> tools.
>Scott Weikart, IGC Acting Executive Director, scott@igc.org
>IGC Advisory Board:
>Charlie Metzler, Barbara Giuffrey, Mutombo Mpanya, Drummond Pike, Joanne
>Kliejunas, Hal Harvey, Gil Friend, China Brotsky, Nathaniel Borenstein
>Institute for Global Communications (IGC) - Internet Host
>Presidio Building 1012, First Floor
>Torney Avenue
>PO Box 29904
>San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
>Tel: +1 (415) 561 6100
>Fax: +1 (415) 561 6101
>E-mail: igc-info@igc.apc.org
>WWW: http://www.igc.apc.org
>User Support: support@igc.org
> EcoNet: econet@igc.org
> PeaceNet: peacenet@igc.org
> ConflictNet: conflictnet@igc.org
> LaborNet: labornet@igc.org
> WomensNet: womensnet@igc.org
>IGC East Coast Office
>1731 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 400
>Washington, DC 20009
>ph. 202-588-5070 fax 202-588-5210
>Here's the info on APC (http://www.apc.org/):
>APC International Secretariat
>Avenida Presidente Vargas 3131, room 406
>20210-030 Rio de Janeiro
>Tel: +55 (0) 21 515-0500
>Fax: +55 (0) 21 515-0505
>E-mail: apcadmin@ax.apc.org
>And the info for APC in Spain:
> Spain
> Ipanex - Internet Host
> Plaza de Manises, 2-10
> E: 46003 Valencia Spain
> Tel: +34 (3) 401 5664
> +34 (1) 522 8091
> +34 (4) 824 8697
> +34 (6) 392 2106
> Email: support@ipanex.apc.org
> WWW: http://www.ix.apc.org
>Who is IGC and APC?
>Since 1986, when PeaceNet was founded in Palo Alto, California, IGC has
>been growing and expanding to bring Internet tools to organizations and
>people working on peace, justice, human rights, environmental protection,
>labor issues, and conflict resolution.
>IGC is the U.S. member of the Association for Progressive Communications, a
>global partnership of computer networks that link activists around the
>"The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is a global network
>of networks whose mission is to empower and support organisations, social
>movements and individuals through the use of information and communication
>technologies to build strategic communities and initiatives for the purpose
>of making meaningful contributions to human development, social justice,
>participatory democracies and sustainable societies."
>Composed of a consortium of 25 international member networks, APC offers
>vital links of communication to over 50,000 NGOs, activists, educators,
>policy-makers, and community leaders in 133 countries.
>APC member networks main purpose is to develop and maintain the
>informational system that allows for geographically dispersed groups who
>are working for social and environmental change to coordinate activities
>on-line at a much cheaper rate than can be done by fax, telephone, or
>for-profit computer networks. APC is committed to making these tools
>available to people from all regions in the world.
>IRSM: http://irsm.pair.com/
>IRSC: http://irsm.pair.com/irscna/
>IRSP: http://irsm.pair.com/irsp/

Mike Alewitz, Artistic Director Labor Art & Mural Project Labor Education Center Rutgers University Ryders Lane & Clifton Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Email: lamp@igc.apc.org Website: http://www.igc.apc.org/laborart

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