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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 08:13:39 +0300 From: ILAN SHALIF <gshalif@netvision.net.il>

The globalization of struggle We know for a long long time that international solidarity helps in local struggles. Lately, we encounter again and again the fact that many of our struggles are global - as with regard to work conditions and wages of working class in remote countries their products reach our countries or global environmental hazards. We know from the past that international solidarity helps in specific struggles, but, I have never seen so clearly how international struggle can change so fast public opinion in Israel. The struggle for banning of atom arsenal is more than 50 years old. Mordechay Vanunu - the Israeli whistle-blower, contributed his share 10 years ago by supplying hard evidence with regard to Israel. He paid dearly and still incarcerated in solitary confinement at prison. Yearly demonstration an lobbying for him in Israel did not brought much results. The media treated him as a traitor and the public usually ignored his case or supported the harsh long 18 incarceration sentence and harsh jail condition of solitary confinement. As part of international struggle against the atom bomb, Free Vanunu councils were established in many countries. They did much work. From time to time news papers in Israel even reported on their demonstrations near Israeli embassies... On early October 1996, a small international congress was organized in israel with about 30 persons from abroad and the usual 30 left activists of Israel. As among the congress participants were famous persons like the winner of Nobel award for peace Rotblat, Watergate whistle blower Elsberg and other famous whistle blowers in the atomic field, the media changed its expressed opinion in nearly 180 degrees. For instance, the late news program of public T.V. had a lengthy program in which the case of Vanunu was introduced as part of the phenomena of whistle-blowers (and not as usual as a spy and traitor). The tree daily news-papers had long articles with mostly the same attitude. The criticism of the harsh treatment of Mordechay Vanunu at prison and his long sentence become more publicly expectable. We could never dream on such change in public opinion and media treatment. It seems that not only the people involved with the media are exposed and influenced by the world trends but, even the public opinion of people in each country is starting to be influenced by it. The last two results of this change of public opinion are the inclusion of a film on Vanunu in the international movie festival of Jerusalem and a theatrical performance on Mordechay Vanunu. (In one of the evenings, an organized group of prison service officers and cadets came to see the theatrical performance and took part in the discussion at its end.) An opinion research among the visitors to the Vanunu play, reveled an overwhelming change in opinions regarding Vanunu. The hostile ones became less hostile, the sympathizers became more supporting.

I am sure that the processes responsible for the above changes of public opinion with regard to Vanunu, will be active in other international struggles. I am sure the second international Encountro in Madrid - July/August, will contribute even more than the first one in Chiapas, to the momentum of the anarchist movements in the developed and not so much developed capitalist countries. Ilan Shalif

http://www.geocities.com/~drilanshalif/Anarchy.html P.S. The thousands of anarchists web sites and the dozens of web sites dedicated to Mordechay Vanunu are only one of the obvious expressions to the emerging of the new phase of the global struggle. I.S.


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