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Anarchists have been active on the internet for many years now, this is a quick guide for newcomers to the net so they can discover the wealth of anarchist resources available. There is also information on how to get free web pages and email accounts so you can provide information as well as consuming it. There are currently three sections

I. Anarchist Web Pages II. Anarchist mailing lists III. Newsgroups IV Chat

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------------------------------------------------------- I. ANARCHIST WEB PAGES

There are literally hundreds of anarchist web pages and more are appearing every week. Rather then providing a very long list (which would quickly become outdated), I suggest you go to the Anarchist FAQ's list of web pages which is regularly updated and lists most current pages. This is at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1931/links.html

For finding specific information fast there is a search engine at Burn which now indexes many of the best anarchist web pages. To use this go to http://burn.ucsd.edu/Harvest/brokers/anarchy/

The FAQ is the work of anarchists in many countries and aims to provide an exhaustive description of anarchism useful to beginners and people who have been in the movement for many years. This is at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1931/

If you want to put up your own web page a US company called geocities gives 2mb of space free on its server. It is already home to many anarchists, is fast and easy to use, go to http://www.geocities.com/BHI/freehp.html for more details (they also give you a free email account)

Finally a plug for the page of the person who created this list at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6170/



This is a listing of anarchist and related mailing lists broken into four sections 1. General anarchist lists 2. Regional anarchist lists 3. Lists run for a particular organisation 4. Anarchist prpject lists 5. Getting an additional, free email address 6. Other lists of interest to anarchists

Sections 1, 2 and 3 have most if not all lists currently publicly available (there are also some 'invite only' ones). Section four should be expanded with each version of this FAQ

Anarchy-list is the oldest of the lists here and by far the busiest, when you subscribe to an email list all the mail from it goes into YOUR mailbox so unless you read you mail _VERY_ frequently I recommend you only subscribe to one or two of these lists at a time. All the different lists have quite a different character to them so read the descriptions and pick one that seems to suit you.

If you are not an anarchist and want to argue with anarchists its not a good idea to subscribe to these lists as its not really there function, they are spaces for anarchists to talk to each other. If this is what your looking for I recommend you use NEWS which is the last section listed here. If your polite about it and don't post too much you might also be accepted on anarchy-list.


These are news/discussion lists not restricted to any particular region or organisation

A-Infos News reports and analysis from international anarchist newspapers and individuals as well as news from more general sources of interest to anarchists. Volume is quite low (1-7 messages a day) and of high quality. Useful in particular for non-mainstream views of big international stories like the storming of the Japanese embassy in Peru. To join send mail with the words SUBSCRIBE A-INFOS in the body of the message to majordomo@tao.ca.

You can send news to this service by mailing a-infos@tao.ca, start your subject line with a langauge code, eg (en) for English.

Anarchy-list List for discussions about anarchism with over 500 participants. To join send a message to anarchy-list-request@cwi.nl and ask politely to be subscribed to the anarchy-list.

This is the most public and chaotic of the anarchist mailing lists and tends to be dominated by repetitive and low level debates. Also liable to fill you mail box overnight when one of the recurrent flame wars break out. If you can handle the volume though it does grow on you as it's very social.

Research on Anarchism This list is moderated, which means messages are approved before they go to the list. As might be expected from the title can be a bit academic in focus but the quality is good and the volume is low. To join, send a message to ra-l@bred.univ-montp3.fr and ask to be subscribed.

Anarcha-feminist Monster, a anarcho-feminist group in the US is running an anarcha-feminist list. To join mail listserv@socsci.smith.ed

Anetdev Forum for discussing setting up an international anarchist computer network, linking BBS'es, internet sites, etc. To join mail majordomo@tao.ca with the words SUBSCRIBE ANETDEV in the body of the message.

Organise This is a private, invitation-only list run by dedicated "class struggle anarchists" (libertarian socialists, anarcho-syndicalists, and anarchist communists). To join send a polite email to platform@geocities.com and you will be sent the list statement.

Anarchist Educational List: To Subscribe, send email to <majordomo@boink.clark.net> with "subscribe anoked-l" in the message BODY



Atlantic Anarchist Circle New regional anarchist network for east-coast US & Canada. To join send a mail majordomo@tao.ca with the words "subscribe aac" in the body of the message.


Alternative Network for Eastern Europe Started by the Polish Anarchist Federation. To join send mail listserv@plearn.edu.pl with the words "SUBSCRIBE ALTER-EE" in the body of the message.

Blackflag-l Anarchist List for Britain and Ireland. To join send mail listserv@qnet.org.uk with the words "subscribe blackflag-l" in the body of the message.

Anarchy-Ireland List for discussing events in Ireland from an anarchist/libertarian communist perspective. To join send a message to anarchy-ireland-request@unamerican.com with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.


AUSANET This is a list for anarchist discussion for Australians (and New Zealanders too, I assume). To join send them a message at ausanet-request@lyst.apana.org.au and ask to be added.


Anarq-Lat [Spanish/ Portuguese language list for Latin American anarchism] ANARQLAT es un foro para usuarios de correo electronico, constituido en torno a la tematica del Anarquismo en America Latina - Para suscribirse a la lista envie un mensaje (majordomo@majordomo.ucv.edu.ve) sin subject, colocando en el cuerpo del mismo: "subscribe anarqlat "

3. LISTS RUN FOR A PARTICULAR ORGANISATION These lists function primarily for news from or discussion about a particular organisation

Confederation of Anarchist Youth is a new net work of young anarchists. To join their mailing list, send a mail to listserv@burn.ucsd.edu with "SUBSCRIBE CAY (firstname) (lastname)" in body of the message.

AIT-IWA-talk Mailing list about the syndicalist international. To join send a message to AIT-IWA-talk-request@list.uncanny.net with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

WSA-talk The list of the American section of the IWA. To join send a message to WSA-talk-request@list.uncanny.net with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

4. Anarchist project lists These are lists connected with doing various anarchist projects on and off the web. The focus here is on doing practical work so please don't subscribe to them unless you actually intend to contribute to the work in progress and agree with the list guidelines.

Anarchoprop anarchist propaganda list: email list dedicated to propaganda. The main idea of the list is that people and groups post the texts of their pamphlets etc, for anyone to copy and use. To subscribe, send an empty message to <geton.anarchoprop@cat.org.au>. For help or more information, email <jameshutchings@hotmail.com>.

A-Infos-Org The mailing list where the collective that runs the a- infos news lists (see above) organises these lists. If you want to get involved mail majordom@tao.ca with the message subscribe a-infos-org

Spunk Press This list administers the anarchist Spunk Press electronic library, The editorial collective can be reached at spunk@lysator.liu.sw


There are many reasons why you might what to gain an additional email address, perhaps just to keep your mail separate, perhaps because you don't want to use your work or your parents address, or perhaps because you live in a country where posting from an easily identifiable email address could be a threat to you life or liberty.

The services below which are all capitalist companies give you an email address you can name yourself which will not be easily traceable to you [However they will know who you are and they may choose to give out this information so this is not 100% 'safe', it should however offer considerable protection from non-state threats and some limited protection from state ones]. They make money from it by selling advertising that appears when you read your messages.

Geocities This is the one the writer of this FAQ uses, you also get a web page (which means setting it up is more time consuming) It is however probably the easiest to trace your real identity through http://www.geocities.com/BHI/freehp.html for more details

Hotmail A web based service where you can read your mail as 'web pages' visible only to you. Easy to set up. Go to http://www.hotmail.com/

Juno I don't actually know how this one works, but the web page to sign up is at http://www.juno.com/

Rocketmail This ones requires Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft 3.0 http://www.rocketmail.com/


Noam Chomsky New listserv devoted to the work of prominent living anarchist, Noam Chomsky, both political/social and linguistic. To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU with the words "SUBSCRIBE CHOMSKY " in the body of the message.

IWW-news IWW's list for alternative news. To join send mail majordomo@igc.apc.org with the words SUBSCRIBE IWW-NEWS in the body of the message.

OneUnion List for discussing syndicalism and libertarian socialism. To join send a message to OneUnion-request@list.uncanny.net with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Zapatista-list To join send mail to majordomo@eco.utexas.edu with the words "SUBSCRIBE CHIAPAS95" in the body of the message.

Encounter2 Comrades thinking of going to the 2nd encounter for Humanity and against neoliberalism in Spain this July and willing to play some role in getting others from their country to go should subscribe to this list. To join send mail to majordomo@tao.ca with the words "subscribe encounter2" in the body of the message.

AUT-OP-SY "Exploring the changing nature of class composition and class struggle within the planetary work machine." To join send mail to majordomo@jefferson.village.virginia.edu with the words SUBSCRIBE AUT-OP-SY in the body of the message.

A Spectacle Discussion about situationist theory in both its history and its contemporary influence. It's your situation -- make it. To join send a message to situationist@nothingness.org with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.



You access news group through USENET or News, these are completely public discussion boards where any message posted is visible to anyone on the internet who looks for it. The discussions are divided into thousands of topics, some which contain discussion of interest to anarchists include. Be warned though the level of discussion tends to be _very_ poor because of the public nature of these forums...

You can also access news by going to Dejanews. This is http://www.dejanews.com/

alt.anarchism alt.society.anarchy

alt.society.ati alt.society.civil-disob alt.society.labor-unions alt.politics.radical-left alt.society.resistance alt.society.revolution misc.activism.progressive

IV Chat

I'm currently testing out Internet Chat Relay (IRC), which allows real time communication between a number of people, there does not seem to be many anarchists using this at the moment, the page at http://www.techplus.com/pperswain/IRC_Undernet.html is for a anarchism! channel but I've yet to be in it while anyone else is. It also has links to the sharewhare you need to be able to use this system.

If anyone knows much about IRC I'd appreciate a short write-up on IRC resources for anarchists that I could add to this FAQ


Suggestions for improvements etc can be sent to platform@geocities.com


International Anarchist Web Page http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6170/

Class Struggle anarchist email list, contact platform@geocities.com for details

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