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Lyn and Shawn (linjin@tao.ca)
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 16:42:26 pst

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PUSHING LABOR ON THE INTERNET - Check out the new Labor Channel on PointCast Network!

"Push" technology is defined as the scheduled delivery of specific web pages into your computer. By working this way, one avoids the pitfalls of the World Wide Wait -- and it becomes much easier to work offline. For those of us actually paying for our Internet connections, or in countries where such connections are expensive, "push" technology offers a clear answer.

That's why webcasting (also called netcasting) should be of interest to trade unionists everywhere.

"Push" technology pioneer PointCast Network, which until recently only broadcast news from such corporate giants as CNN and the New York Times, opened up earlier this month a public channel on which anyone can broadcast. We launched the Labor Channel on PointCast the very day that it became possible to do so.

The Labor Channesl offers a one-stop location for the latest news of interest to trade unionists. In our first weeks online, we have added the following features:

* Union Summer 1997 - the home page of the AFL-CIO's terrific program to involve young people in trade union organizing - updated frequently

* NATCA Voice - the cutting edge web newspaper of the National Air Traffic Controllers' Association in the USA

* The International Transport Workers' Federation, based in London - updated nearly daily with global trade union news and solidarity appeals

* The Cyber-Picket Line, from Wales - Aiming to be a comprehensive list of trade union websites around the world, as well as a source of daily and weekly news

* The Labor Web Site of the Week - check out the selections every Thursday (and the backlist of 30 of the very best trade union sites around the world)

* Labor's Online Bookstore - featuring new and recommended titles, frequently updated (in cooperation with Amazon.com books, the largest bookstore on Earth)

* . . . and coming soon, much more!

For more information, point your browsers to:


You can download PointCast 2.0 from there and also subscribe to the Labor Channel (free of charge, of course) from this page.

Trade unionists interested in broadcasting their news (not static home pages, but real news) are invited to write directly to me at ericlee@usa.net.


Eric Lee