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------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 10:43:57 -500 From: Bruce Girard <bgirard@ECNET.ec> Subject: PERU: PRESS FREEDOM GROUPS APPEAL TO GOVERNMEN

>From the IFEX Communique #6.25


The government of Peru has repeatedly attacked press freedom recently, inspiring the Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) to call on press freedom groups worldwide to join it in an international protest to the government. IPYS and over a dozen other groups wrote to President Alberto Fujimori complaining about the "hostile environment" currently impeding freedom of expression in Peru. Fujimori and other high-ranking officials in the government "have accused the media of corruption and of fostering campaigns to discredit the Peruvian Armed Forces, all without as yet having brought forward any proof to back up these accusations," according to the letter. Fujimori accused the media of being corrupt during an inaugural speech at the 27th General Assembly of the Organization of American States. IPYS also reported the censorship of the television station Frecuencia Latina Canal 2, and attacks on its owner, who was accused of fostering a campaign to discredit the Armed Forces.

According to the letter, "The Ministry of the Interior and the Council of Ministers have produced a series of public announcements which appeared in print and on television which attempt to dismiss reports and investigations by the media by presenting them as fallacious and claiming that they are contrary to the role of the media to inform. This campaign will only serve to create confusion in society and discredit the work of the media in general." IPYS reports that journalists and directors of media outlets have complained of harassment and threats, including Cesar Hildebrandt. IPYS Executive Director Kela Leon appeared on Hildebrandt's television program "En Persona" on the television station Uranio 15 on 25 June to publicize the letter to Fujimori in advance.

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