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Lyn and Shawn (linjin@tao.ca)
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 18:29:57 pst

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Combats Istook activity ================================

People for the American Way launches Web site A civil rights organisation, People for the American Way (PFAW), has launched cyberspace's first online newsletter focused exclusively on combating censorship in America's public schools. The newsletter, named Attacks on the Freedom to Learn - Online, will be published every two months. PFAW, a non-profit organisation with 300, 000 members, was formed in response to America's religious right and has been publishing a report, Attacks on the Freedom to Learn, for 15 years. Attacks ... Online is PFAW's second online newsletter. Their first, Right Wing Watch Online, reports on what the religious right is saying in direct mail, on television shows and within their core constituency. The new online newsletter will cover such issues as creationism, vouchers and prayer in the classroom. PFAW is currently lobbying against Ernest Istook's proposal to add a 'Religious Freedom Amendment' to the U.S. Constitution. The measure, introduced in the House of Representatives on 8 May, would permit but not mandate school prayer and other religious expression on public property. PFAW Action Fund President Carole Shields, herself an evangelical Christian, said the proposed amendment would trample Americans' religious liberty by allowing government officials to advance one religion over another. 'Rep. Istook and his supporters like to call their amendment a "religious freedom" amendment, but it would be more accurate to call it the "Christian Nation" amendment,' Shields said. 'Rather than protecting religion, this amendment would allow whatever the majority religion is at the time to impose itself on other religions. This would be a fundamental change in what the First Amendment has always stood for in our country - and how, through the years and generations, it has defended religious liberty.' A PFAW report detailing the religious right's political objectives within schools is expected in September. Deanna Duby, PFAW Director of Education Policy, said the new report will put a sharp focus on the right's anti-public-education campaign. 'The truth is that the religious right is waging war on public education in America,' she said. 'In communities across the nation, we see their local organisations working to inject their sectarian views into the classroom, to divert public dollars to private religious academies and to skew curricula to their narrow agenda. Our new report will tell the tale in detail.' Attacks on the Freedom to Learn Online is at http://pfaw.org/aflo Right Wing Watch Online is at http://pfaw.org/rww

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