(en)Firings Halted at L.V. Myles

Lyn and Shawn (linjin@tao.ca)
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 06:29:42 pst

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Labor Alerts/Labor News a service of Campaign for Labor Rights Action Update: Firings Halted at L.V. Myles Summary: Port-au-Prince--Firings and suspensions of workers at L.V. Myles, a factory where Disney clothes are assembled, have been discontinued after a flood of faxes and letters from concerned North Americans. L.V. Myles has also responded to international pressure and workers' efforts by lowering daily quotas. Background: Workers at L.V. Myles were being paid about half the basic living wage in Haiti, 28 to 39 cents per hour or $11.20 to $15.60 per week. Under constant verbal abuse and threats, the mostly female workers were subject to sexual harassment from their supervisors. On May 12, 1997, a flier that protested the abusive conditions was circulated throughout the factory. In response, the management arbitrarily fired workers it suspected of involvement. Four were fired that week and a total of seven had been fired as of June 2, 1997. Forty other workers were threatened with termination. Since the bombardment of the L.V. Myles factory management with faxes, letters and telephone calls from concerned North Americans, firings and suspensions of workers calling for better pay and working conditions ceased the last week of May. According to Christian Peacemaker Teams contacts Joshua Yoder and Pierre Shantz, L.V. Myles has also lowered daily quotas in response to international pressure and the efforts of workers to organize. Some quotas beginning at 1800 have been lowered to 1200, while others have been lowered from 1600 to 644. Workers who make the daily quotas receive 50 gourdes (almost $3.00) per day. This is a slight increase from the Haitian daily minimum wage of 36 gourdes ($2.14), but is not sufficient to meet living needs of around 75 to 85 gourdes per day. In addition, L.V. Myles has increased the number of water fountains in the factory and provided yard benches for workers to sit on during lunch breaks.

Action for Consideration: You may wish to call, write or fax L.V. Myles congratulating them on their recent improvements and urging them to continue their support of worker concerns. Also, you may wish to encourage them to reinstate those workers who were fired illegally. The address is: Jr. Jeff Blatt L.V. Myles Company Parc Industriel SONAPI #30 Port-au-Prince, Haiti tel. (509) 46-4644 FAX (509) 49-1565 please send a copy to: Mr. Paul Miller L.V. Myles Corp. 135 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10036-6712 tel. (212) 725-0900 FAX (212) 725-0922 For more information or if you have questions, please contact Christian Peacemaker Teams at P.O. Box 6508 Chicago, IL 60680; phone: (312) 455 1199; FAX: (312)666-2677; e-mail: cpt@igc.org; WEB: http://www.prairienet.org/cpt/ To receive the Campaign for Labor Rights newsletter, send $35.00 to Campaign for Labor Rights, 1247 "E" Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. To receive a sample copy of the newsletter, send your postal address to clr@igc.apc.org or (541) 344-5410. We rely on subscriptions to help us provide our many services. Please join! Also check our web site at http://www.compugraph.com/clr

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