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Napoleon Williams and Black Liberation Radio are setting the standard for microbroadcasting, uniting the community of Decatur, Illinois with 24 hours a day of community affairs and music programming. They are also paying the price, as they are forced to endure a series of police raids and false charges. Napoleon's wife and partner Mildred Jones has just been sent to prison for three years for stealing her own purse, Napoleon faces charges that his broadcasts constitute "felony eavesdropping."

Defending Napoleon Williams and BLR is one of the most important ways you can protect your station. Here's how you can do it:

1.Send a donation and/or letter of support to: Napoleon Williams, 629 E. Center Street, Decatur, IL 63526.

2.Call Black Liberation Radio to offer your support, then do an interview and broadcast it (217-423-2737).

3.Build your listenership and encourage others to go on the air with new stations. ------------------------------------ Black Liberation Radio solidarity web page comming soom, stay tuned.

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