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Portland, Oregon -- The Anti-Prohibition League is pleased to announce its participation in tomorrow's "Hands Around Portland" and the "City- wide celebration & Potluck at Pioneer Square" as part of the City Repair projects headed by local vissonary Mark Lakeman. As reported in the April and June issues of Portland's most colorful monthly, 'Anodyne,' "Lakeman himself is very busy delivering a slide- show presentation on the ideas behind City Repair." Those ideas include things like setting up little tea and book stalls which are shared and maintained by local residents. Or more ambitious efforts like neighbors working together to do "Intersection Repair;" projects which result in collective art and landscaping, adding a unique flavor to an otherwise bland public space. But Lakeman is on to far more than civic spirit or beautification, he's presenting Portland with an opportunity to "see the common ground we share as a human family," as one of the announcements read. At noon on Saturday, June 21 (the Summer solstice), Mr. Lakeman and the hundreds of volunteers he has inspired invite us ALL to join hands for one full minute. "This gesture is intended to help us see ourselves in a new way - as a whole city, made up of every last one of us," Lakeman writes. Of course we at the League agree 100 percent. From our work on the street we know first-hand how much repair is needed in this city - especially in regard to the way its Mayor and police treat certain groups of people, (i.e. the poor, the addicted, those of us who advocate for them). But Saturday's event is intended to generate positive, healing energy. So, we hope that energy will help overcome injustice and heal the wounds of this deadly "war" now going on in this and every other city across the country. Please, during part of that moment, whisper a little prayer for "Drug Peace!" and an end to all war everywhere. Then at Pioneer Square visit with volunteers Chuck and Dona at the League table, they'll be under the "ORGANIZE TO LEGALIZE" banner. Register to vote if you need to, sign up to volunteer if you want to, but before you leave be sure to fill out both the OREGON DRUGS CONTROL AMENDMENT & OREGON CANNABIS TAX ACT petitions. (A limited number of stamped post-cards to the Governor asking him to VETO CANNABIS "RECRIM" will also be available.) Positive vibrations and affirmations, manifested in persuasion and peaceful action, equals the desired counter-balance to ignorance and fear manifest in violence.

Mark Lakeman and his T-Horse are producing a tidal wave of goodwill, the league is very happy to be riding on it. To peace.

Floyd Ferris Landrath - Director

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