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>Thursday, June 19, 1997
>Borders Books workers vote against joining
>by Lisa Pemberton-Butler
>Seattle Times business reporter
>Workers at Borders Books & Music in
>downtown Seattle have voted against
>joining a union, a company spokeswoman
>Employees voted 23-16 against a proposal
>to affiliate with the United Food and
>Commercial Workers Local 1001 in Factoria.
>While the Michigan-based book company
>supported the employees' rights to hold an
>election, it did not feel an employee
>union was necessary, said spokeswoman Jody
>Kohn. Company officials were pleased with
>the election results, she said.
>Abby Dain, a community-relations
>coordinator at the bookstore, said the
>general feeling among workers has been
>basically "back to business" since the
>Borders owns 165 stores nationwide,
>operating as Waldenbooks, Planet Music and
>Borders Books & Music.
>Employees in four of its stores are
>affiliated with unions, including its
>World Trade Center location in New York,
>where employees approved a collective
>bargaining unit last week. Five of its
>union drives, including Seattle's, have
>failed, Kohn said.

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