(en) McLibel ends... or does it?

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Thu, 19 Jun 1997 11:43:40 +0000

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Within the last half hour it has been announced that the longest trial in the history of what has been called the English legal system has ended.

Justice Bell - the state representative at the trial - admitted that McDonalds cruelly mistreat animals such as hens and pigs and also that their staff are paid low wages and then he insisted that Dave Morris and Helen Steele should pay McDonalds 60,000 pounds stirling for having said so.

This was because he disagreed with some of the other things these 2 said such as the products weren't good for you, McDonalds damage the environment and starve the third world by evicting farmers.

There was no statement made at the trial which lasted 313 days and cost McDonalds 10,000,000 pounds stirling relating to the mental health of the state representative.

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