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http://www.the-times.co.uk/news/pages/tim/97/06/17/timfgname01001.html?1797655 More from the foreign press.... >
> Epidemic brings call to ease Cuba ban
> POLITICIANS and health experts in the United
> States are preparing to unveil a new
> challenge to the American trade embargo
> against Cuba, arguing that it has severely
> undermined health conditions on the Communist
> island.
> Tomorrow a bipartisan coalition in the US
> Congress is due to announce the introduction
> of the Cuban Humanitarian Trade Act, which
> seeks to end restrictions on the sale of food
> and medicine to Cuba. It comes amid reports
> of a viral epidemic in the eastern city of
> Santiago de Cuba.
> The Bill has attracted surprising support
> among Republicans, who have traditionally
> backed efforts to tighten the economic noose
> on Cuba. "How can a great nation like the US
> target Cuba's civilians by denying them
> necessary medicine?" asked Malcolm Wallop, a
> former Republican senator lobbying for the
> Bill.
> Supporters of the Bill say Cuba's health
> system was one of the world's most effective
> until a series of measures to tighten the
> embargo were adopted by Congress in the last
> five years.

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