(en)Prison labor plan halted

Lyn and Shawn (linjin@tao.ca)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 23:16:21 pst

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[The following information was sent to us on June 16, by the DC Labor List, maintained by Joe McLaughlin of the International Union of Operating Engineers. His alert is based on information provided by UNITE in New York. Although this alert is directed to activists in the Washington, DC area, its subject is of obvious interest to anyone who is concerned about the move to displace free labor with prison labor. People in the DC area wishing to be placed on the DC Labor List should send an email message to joemcl@ricochet.net]

To: All those who were planning to protest at Federal Prison Industries on Wednesday, June 18 in opposition to their plan to put American glove makers out of work and replace them with prison labor

From: 300 UNITE members working in glove factories in NY, Tennessee, and Illinois

Wednesday's demo at Federal Prison Industries has been called off because WE WON!

Last week, UNITE announced that we would have a demonstration at the rededication ceremony of the Federal Prison Industries Headquarters on June 18. That demonstration has been called off because we have just won a 10-year committment to roll back and limit the impact of federal prison labor on the domestic glove industry. We would like to thank everyone who got the word out, and everyone who planned to attend. Your support really made the difference.

We called the demonstration because Federal Prison Industries (FPI) was moving forward with a program that put US glove makers out of work and replaced them with prison labor. On Friday, FPI told us they "didn't want any demonstrations" and entered into serious discussions on the problem. An agreement was finalized earlier today.

This agreement should stablize the situation for those who make gloves for the federal government, securing the jobs for UNITE members working in four facilities located in NY, Tennessee, and Illinois. The growing impact of prison labor (state as well as federal) on domestic manufacturing workers in other sectors remains a very serious problem, and we may well be in need of your support in the future. It's good knowing we can count on our sisters and brothers in the labor movement.

For more information, contact Steve Weingarten at UNITE: 212-265-7000 ext. 551.

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