(en) more mass-arrests in Amsterdam

radio de Vrije Keyser (keyser@xs4all.nl)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 00:37:45 GMT

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A group of 100-120 (estimated) was surrounded and arrested for violating the emergency decree. Police showed up massively. The "jubilee demo" (to keep EU-leaders "awake") that started with 70 grew fast to 140-160 people, roaming the Amsterdam canals in the late night to cheer the European leaders, to praise them for the good work they do. :-)=20

30-40 of this group managed to escape the police round up, by being slow or taking a boat to the other side of the canal. A small crowd gathered at the other side of the canal to look what was happening: the news of the mass arrest of the previous night was still fresh. But they too were to be victimized in the temporary Dutch police state. A wild chase in the alleys, over the bridges in the inner city of Amsterdam followed. Bricks were thrown.

At 2 o 'clock the police was combing the streets to find isolated activist. A group of 10 was found on the terrace of a restaurant; although the police was a bit nervous about the effects of selecting their victims by the way they looked, they took 30 people prisoner at this terrace.=20

Which brings the deathcount to: a probable 40 fridaynight/saturday daytime + appr. 40 that never made the city +20-30 sunday daytime +348 sundaynight + 20-30 monday daytime + 100-120 + 30 + those that will be arrested in the coming hours in the centre of town.

Vrije Keyser

Amsterdam, NL - Tuesday, June 17, 1997 at 02:23:37 (MET DST)


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Padova, Italy - Tuesday, June 17, 1997 at 02:13:38 (MET DST)


Recent report: About 80 - 100 people have been 'eingekesselt' at the oppostie of the STOPERA (Amstel) by the dutch riot police. After the start of a demonstration to 'cheer the EU leaders' (to keep them from sleeping' the riot police surrounded the group of demonstrators. (Surrounding a group is actually forbidden in the Netherlands !)

Some of the demonstrators escaped in a small boat others escaped to=20 bring this report.

The demonstrators are being held for more then an hour now.

When at the other side of the river Amstel people gathered to watch the group that was surrounded by the police, the riot police charged and spread the spectators.

Expectation is that even more people will be arrested on charge of article 140, which holds a random group responsible for forming a criminal organisation much like the mafia (which is in itself is ridiculous.)

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