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Please allow me to list just a handful of some of the crimes which have been perpetrated against me by the US government under colour of "law":

1. Thirty-eight (count 'em!) agents of the FBI (America's Gestapo) broke down the door of my peaceful home, high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on 18. March 1988.

2. These American Storm Troopers immediately shot my small daughter's 8-week-old puppy in the head directly in her presence, killing him instantly. My daughter, then 2-years-old, had never been allowed to witness any act of violence, and had never seen a weapon of any kind. So much for trying to raise a child normally in an abnormal country.

3. These sadistic cowards then handcuffed my hands tightly behind my back, waist-chained me, shackled my legs, and then beat me up so badly that after I finally healed, no one I knew was able to recognise me again. When I look in the mirror today, I don't even recognise myself!

4. After these "jack-booted thugs with badges" (to quote prominent Harvard attorney Alan Dershowitz) had beaten me to a pulp, they then stripped my wife (6 months pregnant at the time) and TWO-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER naked, and then performed full body cavity searches on them.

5. America's Finest then (without the benefit of any warrants or indictments) seized virtually everything my family and I had worked a lifetime to accumulate, deadly blizzard, at 10:00 pm at night, left to die. Thankfully, they were rescued just in time, although they did nearly die of pneumonia.

6. These protectors of America then proceeded to kidnap me, take me on a "tour" of the barbaric US prison system, and then torture me for two years in such places as MCC-Chicago ("The Warehouse of Death") and Marion - the worst prison in the world. Lacking the required crime to hold me, they eventually charged me with "...presiding over a corporation which was behind in paying some computer paper bills." They twisted this into "fraud". The public "defender" I was forced to accept (who never filed a single motion for me) eventually coerced me into pleading guilty to this "crime" by falsely informing me that my infant daughter, whom I had never seen, was dying of spinal meningitis in a Georgia hospital, and the only way I would be allowed to visit her on her death bed wold be if I pleaded guilty. Within an hour of entering the coerced plea, I discovered I had been lied to and tricked and immediately attempted to withdraw my coerced plea from the court of US District Judge George Marovich, who has a shadow of corruption hanging over him as I write. I have been trying ever since. My demands have fallen on deaf ears.

7. When I was finally released two years later, the FBI convinced my wife to commit perjury and obtain an illegal "quickie" divorce from Judge Robert Walther in the Rome, Georgia Superior Court, as I was pulling into town on a Greyhound Bus, just in time to spend Thanksgiving with my family, with whom I had waited two long years to reunite. Immediately upon my arrival in Rome, I was put on the next bus out to San Diego, California by US Probation Officer Kenneth D. Harris. When I asked him why he was sending me to San Diego, he said "...'cause it's as fer as mah fingah goes on this heah map."

8. For eighteen months, I was forbidden from leaving San Diego County. There was a lot of action, though. The FBI and their "assets" terrorised me, and attempted to assassinate me several times - once with a large number of witnesses, at Seaport Village, one of the biggest, most public tourist traps in California, literally right across the street from the downtown San Diego business district.

9. After assassination attempts failed, I was sent into exile here in Switzerland on 12. June 1991, where I've remained ever since, defending my own cases against the FBI and the US government in various corrupt US courts. To this date, I've written over 10,000 letters, seeking legal assistance from America. Not one attorney has helped me, although several have defrauded me and assisted the FBI in sabotaging my cases. They're all terrorised of the FBI and other American secret police agencies.

10. Forced to represent myself in the federal courts in an attempt to at least have my illegally-seized property returned to me, the judges, mostly close friends with George Bush, have consistently, categorically, violated all of my rights - most notably, my right to Due Process of Law. To date, there has never been a proper hearing on the illegal seizure of all of my signifacant property, and the courts have refused to appoint counsel to represent me. In stark contrast, the US government is going to pay Timothy McVeigh's legal team, led by Stephen Jones, in the same court my case is in, in Denver, up to $40,000,000 for his defence!

All of the above - and so much more - has been done to me because I resurrected Senator Gary Hart's 1988 presidential campaign, and attempted to inform the American people who George Bush really is: the world's biggest drug dealer, who is linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy...a former CIA director whose father, Prescott Bush, personally financed the political career of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis' rise to power in Germany.

Yesterday I received an order from the US Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit denying my appeal. Interestingly, there were several admissions by the 3-judge panel in the order, including the fact that the FBI, by its own admission, destroyed files they seized from me, including files pertaining to the George Bush-ordered attempted assassination of Senator Gary Hart and Senator William Cohen (now Secretary of Defense) when the two senators flew to Managua, Nicaragua on an Iran-Contra fact-finding mission. The court also stated that the malpractise evidence against Harvard attorney Marc A. Pembroke, whom I retained to represent me, was "astonishing", yet they took no action, whatsover against him, essentially advising me to go find yet ANOTHER lawyer to sue him. A lawyer sue a brother lawyer in today's American police state? Fat chance.

So, if you're expecting to see justice and freedom in a world controlled by arch-criminal George Bush, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Committee of 300, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and all the other scoundrels in the so-called "Shadow Government", don't hold your breath.

If you're interested in reading more about what the US government did to me and my innocent family, please visit my web site at:

While you're there, you can download the unauthorised George Bush biography. You should immediately read the chapter entitled "The Hitler Project" to see for yourself the proof that George Bush is America's Hitler.

Things aren't always they way they seem to be.

In Liberty,

Michael Williams Patriot in Exile George Bush's Victim

At 11:59 PM +0100 6/9/97, Roger Bunn wrote: > Jose goes for a makeover.
> >( > <^> <^ < )<
> < \ / >>
> ^ ^
> For decades the Conservative Goverment denied that UK exports
> of Hawk aircraft from British AeroSpace and all the rest of the military
> junk / hardware were ever used for internal repression inside East
>Timor and Indonesia and so what now?
> Grenada TV's World in Action took 1996 Nobel Peace Prize
> winner Jose Ramos-Horta for a makeover.
> He was getting ready to go underground, to pose as an arms buyer
> from Indonesia.
> Britain supplies more machinery and arms to Indonesia's military,
> police and vicious special forces than any other nation.
> Accompanied by secret film, Jose and two journaists visited
> in Salisbury Wiltshire England to discover the "in and outs" of
> these vast exports to a nation condemned by the UN and many
> other of the less hypocritical nations as having one of the worst
> records on human rights in the world.
> Although denying that the genocide of 200,000 people could
> ever be proven and of the integrity of torture photgraphs presented
> over many years, salesman David Hewett and his territorial army
> officer boss Nick Oliver unknowingly presented the camera with a
> list of their vast exports. This list specified that Hornet tanks with
> water cannon included at $160,000, Land Rovers with heavy
> machines guns (40mm) and some unusual heavy duty bribe
> items (Jaguars and Lamborginis) which went through Indonesian
> customs with ease and on which no tax was ever paid.
> One on One with John the good guy.
> During the mid ninetys PSI found difficulties in obtaining export
> licences, so they held a meeting with ex Foreign Secretary
> Malcolm Rifkin and the PM John Major. Two week later the licence
> arrived. But they also said that when in opposititon a meeting with
> Tony Blair had taken place when in opposition which was firmly
> denied by Downing Street. "Why would they ask the opposition?"
> For guarantees.
> This was just a sales pitch?
> Fair enough, but how will the Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and
> the new PM act now? Since the Thatcher Malaysian scandals
> it has become obvious that it is the British taxpayer who picks up
> the tab in research and development and if a bill is not paid by a
> dictator or two, paying that tab can get very expensive.
> A Freeze on Exports?
> While the UK arms trade is still a major source of employment and
> tax revenue will the new government come under intense pressure
> from the notable left, the real class acts of British politics, (ex Lord,
> resigned) Tony Wedgewood-Benn, Dennis Skinner (the miner
> "Beast of Bolsover") with just about the whole "damn" Labour Party
> behind them to "keep the faith"?
> Of course they will, even the thought that they will not could bring
> riots on the streets of central London again, and this time even
> under cuddly Labour, anything could happen. Probably I would
> attend to add my ten cents (that'l really scare them huh?)..
> But as a member of the Coalition for East Timor it is implauseable
> that I could stay silent
> "The problems is that unlike in Ireland where they do it one by one,
> the Indonesians kill in blocks" said the "very pleasant, hated to
> deceive him" man.
> A grave Jose must have felt strange sitting there listening to an
> "officer / salesman" recounting his excursions in East Timor with
> the Indonesian Special Forces.
> The Dilli massacre of 200 christians? The Web of Women?
> Now citizens, students and children in Indonesia, Java and East
>Timor are faced with water cannon on wheels using dye for
> "recognition" bringing with it a torturous and slow execution.
> "The cannon carries dye with gas that burns the skin and the eyes"
> Is'nt public acceptance whats it all about?
> But it also helps if one lives in a small nation when it comes to a
> good old fashioned RIOT.
> The British Media : A new Front Line?
> About <time.......... huh?
>Would'nt it be great if during the build up to the game in the
>year 2000 citizen Aussies climbed all over the appeasement
>policies of their government. Perhaps then the Dutch, American,
>British and Australian oil companies and security services would
>end their complicity with and support for a truly inhumane and
>genocidal regime and international protest could get Indonesia
>thrown out of the Olympics?
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