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Amsterdam Protesters Turn Violent; Anti-Austerity Rally Aimed At EU Leaders

Sunday, June 15, 1997; Page A25 The Washington Post

AMSTERDAM, June 14 -- Protesters and police clashed today as violence erupted at the end of a street march against the hardships brought on by Europe's quest for monetary union. Witnesses said up to 150 of many thousands of demonstrators smashed windows, overturned a patrol car and pelted riot police with stones in Amsterdam's city center. They said some demonstrators tried unsuccessfully to storm the heavily guarded Dutch central bank, which will be the site of a summit meeting of European Union leaders Monday and Tuesday. Earlier, between 35,000 and 50,000 people from across Europe turned Amsterdam into a sea of red and black, marching to protest against austerity caused by measures imposed in many states to try to qualify for the European single currency. Police said one man was arrested after the skirmishes and that the situation quickly returned to normal. Police spokesman Klaas Wilting said 500 to 600 police had been on hand to control the crowd, which he estimated at 50,000. Organizers of the European Marches Against Unemployment, Poverty and Social Exclusion said about 35,000 people jammed the central Dam Square before marching to send a message to European leaders due here Sunday evening. "All the summit is going to talk about is money," said Lot van Baaren, one of the Dutch organizers. "These people are here because they want a social Europe, . . . one that puts people back on the agenda." Austerity measures imposed in many states to try to qualify for the European single currency have caused the bloc's jobless rate to rise and stoked popular resentment against the union. Banners at the march proclaimed "No to the bosses of Europe, No to slave labor;" "Amsterdam -- listen to the voice of the people;" and the simple legend "No to the euro" in all the bloc's languages.

Those who want information on what happened with the train from Milan
and the 150 comrades that were arrested when they arrived in Amsterdam,
as well as on what is happening in Amsterdam, please check:


radio de Vrije Keyser 96.2 FM Amsterdam

For more info on the anti-Eurotop demos in Amsterdam, check out
the homepage of Radio Vrije Keyser for news and links to other
relevant pages:


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