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June 15th marks the 1 year anniversary of Miriam Fried, I.W.W. organiser, being fired from Borders Bookshop in Philadelphia for working to achieve a union for herself and other store employees. As expected, the National Labor Relations Board refused to issue a condemnation of Borders union busting activities.

Significantly, this first organizing effort of booksellers has opened up this low wage service industry, previously thought unorganizable. In the past year several Borders shops have joined unions. During the picket Boston Wobs have turned away over 500 customers; Philadelphia I.W.W. has tallied over $500,000 in cancelled sales, and many other locations have around the country have spread word of Borders deceitful image of progressive buisness. Borders has been hit where it hurts- in their pocketbooks- costing them more than a million $dollars for their decision to trample workers rights underfoot. A costly mistake. Meanwhile, Borders continues to loose ground in their battle with Barnes and Noble (and Miriam Fried has aquired work elsewhere with better pay and benefits) One measure of the pickets success thus far- though Borders continues to threaten workers no one else has been fired since the start of nation-wide I.W.W. picketing. Two stores are now union.

We will only have free speech when we own the media, including the publishing and book distribution industry. Join the Los Angeles General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World on June 15th at 1230pm on 3rd Str Promenade in Santa Monica as we celebrate the success of the boycott thus far by picketing Border's Books some more :) !

An injury to one is an injury to all LAGMB of the IWW please distribute this message


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