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ONE WORLD... MANY WORLDS: GLOBALIZATION, EXODUS AND MULTITUDES Thinking again an antagonistic political action for a new Chart of political rights.

* For the first time in history the World is really one: events and situations from far places and different lands appear on a sole big scenario, the world market. * ''Globalization'' is advancing with a disruptive and raging power: it breaks old ties and roots, overthrows and upsets life styles, production, reproduction and consumerism models... modifies lands, creates new frontiers and discriminations. It builds new hierarchies, privileges, injustice in every corner of the planet: nothing can escape from this powerful machine, that has the same strength of the primary accumulation. * Globalization takes place under the banner of capitalism, market and ''the violence of money'': it seems that any alternative have disappeared from the scenario of history. ''The unique thought'' of the global market, this new totalitarian monster, and man's exploitation of man looks like an ineluctable destiny, almost a natural law. ''History is over...!'' according to some sad apologists of the new World order (and were it true, it would be a really horrible end!). On the contrary, we don't believe that History is over. There is always a possibility, an alternative, an utopia, a hope: one must be able to keep up with one's own time! Today it is right, possible, necessary to rebel against the neo-liberistic order, against the globalization of exploitation and oppression, starting from our land, from the places where we live and fight. From our districts, towns, countries... in the indissoluble tie between ''local'' and ''global'', as the Chiapas experience has taught us. Neo-liberism, despotism and absolutism: let's go on fighting for freedom. Inside the profound and irreversible crisis of the social-national State, the neoliberistic globalization and the capitalistic market domain can be attacked only at this level of the contradiction. It is necessary to create new forms of political action beyond the borders of ''nationality'', in order to definitely break the political and organisational forms crystallised at national level; to put together immediately the local political action, rooted in the territory, with the global dimension; to entirely overcome the party-form and every centralist approach; to create relations, projects, fight and co-operation initiatives, among subjects and different territories; we have to prefigure, whenever it is possible and starting at local level, self-government and radical democracy forms and take over administrative conjunction points from the basis; to press on local administration through conflict and strengths relations, in order to gain rights, spaces, and a better quality of lives, in order to create and spread, beyond any border or frontier, counterpower and new solidarity networks; to gain piece by piece, from territory to territory, from town to town concrete goals, even if they are partial: new citizenship rights, decent life conditions for all against racism, xenophobia, exclusion..... A new history may begin: it speaks the simple and primary language of justice and freedom for the exploited, oppressed and weaker...it speaks of real democracy and new public space, the creation of solidarity and co-operation communities. Against the modern forms of absolutism and despotism for a new Chart of human rights and citizens rights. FOR THE RIGHT TO ONE'S EXISTENCE as a supreme and priority value against the work myths of efficiency and productivity of market and money! Against neoliberism!! And at the same time against any ideological dogmatic, fundamentalist and millenaristic tradition. There's no redemption nor final solution, nor zero hour nor objective science of the future. Prophets and Cassandras of any kind this is not the time: what is important is what the real movement gains day by day, place by place, in the materiality of conflict. ''... the first presupposition for any human life and hence for history is that , in order to make history, man must be able to live...'' (K.Marx, The German ideology) Against the Europe of Maastricht, against centralist and state nationalism... for a network of solidarity communities Neoliberism and capitalistic globalization, melt together and function by means of precise and well defined mechanisms: FMI, international agreements and concrete politics, like GATT, NAFTA etc. As far as ''European globalization'' is concerned the horizon today is the Europe of Maastricht which has been forged by the powerful and their allies. Free circulation of goods, money and capital...this is what the old liberist say! At the same time, new frontiers and barriers are set for thousands of men and women escaping from their lands, new and more profound hierarchies, inequalities and discriminations are created; welfare has been dismantled and any right or guarantee have been cancelled in the name of economic and market compatibility. Everywhere new etno-nationalism originate: every ''homogeneous territorial community'' fights against the others in order to gain a place in the sun in the political and economic market of the new Europe pushing the poor and the weak outside, building new racist and xenophobic frontier, in the name of property and possessive egoism. Hence this is the scenario in which we are trying to create a new political subject. It generates conflicts but it isn't a party nor a movement according to its classical meaning. It is rooted in the local dimension against the horizon of globalization, it is transversal, open and articulated on various levels: It can defend the old rights gained through the fights of entire generations of workers. It can resist to the dismantling of welfare, health-care, education public services and at the same time it can reach new goals: * a new world that opens numerous possibilities, and alternatives to current reality * the reappropriation of the people of the public and collective assets and social values * the right to income and to a life with dignity which implies the radical transformation of the concept of work... * the creation of a new political subject and a new public space, against the national State and every new or old nationalism; * the opposition to any kind of secessionism and separation based on egoism, exclusion, ethnic, racist and fascists fundamentalism. * the abolition of all frontiers and the creation of a solidarity community network in every place. Maastricht is our NAFTA: let's free our ''aguascalientes''.

Let's call for a meeting on these questions in Venezia for September 12, 13 and 14.

IT WILL BE AN OPEN SPACE TO ALL SOCIAL AND POLITICAL EXPERIENCES THAT TODAY ARE CLASHING AGAINST NEW EPOCHAL CONTRADICTIONS, AND WISH TO EXPERIMENT, BUILD AND CREATE NEW PATHS FOR POLITICAL ACTION AND FOR TRANSFORMATION AND LIBERATION; FOR A MORE JUST AND FREE WORLD AGAINST NEOLIBERISM. But this is not enough: the European Meeting must not be just a gymnasium for dialectics or a simple catwalk for different political subjects and groups. It is important to define, for the near future, the concrete fighting paths on the frontier question, in order to organise a day during which different borders in Europe will be crossed during the signing of the SHENGEN pact at the end of October. September 14 constitutes for us the Italian a fighting day against the Northern Italy secessionists, who want to celebrate, in Venezia, the birth of a new ''nation'' they call Padania (that is the region near the PO river) which is based on intolerance and racism. In the end this is another paradoxical and extreme product of neoliberism.

Associazione Ya Basta (Italy)

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