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Workers Solidarity No 51 Summer 1997

is now on the web, articles will be posted to the =

Anarchy-Ireland list (subscription details at the =

end of this message). Below is a summary of some =

of the articles, the articles can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/2724/anpubdx.html

---------------------------------------- Gerry Adams..A man you can do business with

The latest meeting between the Confederation of =

British Industry (CBI) and the Sinn Fein =

leadership took place on March 25th. Whatever the =

Sinn Fein leadership and the CBI are constructing =

together it's not part of a path which leads to a =

united socialist Ireland.

---------------------------------------- The fight against fascism...yesterday and tomorrow

On February 15th, the 'Plume Noire' anarchist =

bookstore was plastered with fascist stickers. At =

around 5am the bookshop was completely destroyed =

in an obviously well orchestrated incendiary =


---------------------------------------- When the Red Flag flew in Munster

Farm labourers strikes, occupations of creameries, =

red flags flying and 'soviets' being declared. Not =

usually the sort of thing associated with the =

years 1919-1923, the years of the War of =

Independence and the Civil War. This article =

covers the events of these years they 'forgot' to =

tell you about in school.

---------------------------------------- Girl Power? what a shower!

Alice Nutter of Chumbawamba on the Spice Girls =

'Girl Power'

---------------------------------------- If voting changed anything...it would be illegal

June 6 saw a general election. Over the centuries, =

thousands of people have fought and died for the =

right to vote in free elections. So why, after =

winning such an important right, do anarchists say =

we should not vote in elections?

---------------------------------------- Church sells off The Secret Garden

There has been a Community Training Workshop in =

the grounds of All Hallows College for the past =

fifteen years. The workshop takes most of its =

trainees from the prisons and the probation =

service. Their landlord (the Catholic Church) has =

sold the land the workshop is on to a private =

housing developer

---------------------------------------- The Drugs Debate

We continue the discussion about the heroin =

crisis, this time with two readers' letters. Your =

views are welcome.

---------------------------------------- Ireland's media...

TONY O'REILLY is Ireland's media giant, owner of =

Independent Newspapers. This year O'Reilly's =

earnings add up to =A3160,000 A DAY! We should not =

be surprised when the struggles of working class =

people don't get fair coverage in the Indo, =

Herald, Star, Sunday World or any of his =

provincial papers.

---------------------------------------- The unemployed are on the march

A European March against Unemployment, Job =

Insecurity and Exclusion has been called by a wide =

coalition of unions, unemployed and political =

groups. Eleven separate legs of the march will =

arrive in the centre of Amsterdam on the afternoon =

of June 14th, to coincide with a European Union =

Inter-governmental Conference

---------------------------------------- Training or Education

Our schools are just glorified production lines - =

children go in one end, workers come out the =

other. There is little room for the idea that =

knowledge might be a good thing in itself, that =

there is more to education than making round pegs =

for round holes.

-- =

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