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MER - Washington - 6/10/97: Why did the White House and State Department publicly come to the aid of Daoud Kuttab last month? It's not that Kuttab is such an exceptional journalist -- indeed he has not published any books or made any significant journalistic or literary contributions of particular note. Hundreds if not thousands of Palestinians have languished for years in Israeli prisons -- and now do so in Arafat prisons, deprived of any semblance of due process and human rights. And when noted human rights activist Dr. Eyad Sarraj was not only imprisoned in Gaza, but actually tortured and threatened with death by Arafat's thugs -- now called "police" -- little was done by American officials. Nor is it just that Kuttab is a Palestinian who also is an American citizen -- for quite a few Palestinians with American passports or connections have been abused over the years, and on a few occasions killed, by the Israelis without the White House uttering a word. What's actually going on in today's Middle East is rather more complicated, and the incident with Daoud Kuttab has exposed it abit more than usual. It is the proverbial tip of the American- domination iceberg. In essence Kuttab works for the Americans -- but not directly, rather through some thin veils of monetary and organizational camouflage. And one of the things the Americans want people to understand is that they offer those who work with and for them -- in addition to money, visas, awards, and grants -- protection. In order to buttress this cozy arrangement the White House and Foggy Bottom went public on behalf of Kuttab and for a few days even denied Arafat's man, Faisal Husseini, a visa to come on his umpteenth visit to the USA. So just how does this work? There are a variety of third-part organizations that serve, if you will, as the fund-laundering mechanism for employing people such as Kuttab. It's not a direct relationship, but rather a discretely indirect one. But it serves the American, and in this case Israeli, purposes very well keeping out-front and in the public eye those who will say and do the "right thing" and keeping those who will not without funds, without visas, and without press coverage. In this particular case the intermediary organization is known as INTERNEWS and it is headed up by a liberal American Jew in California, David Hoffman. The way things work are groups like INTERNEWS come up with projects they think fit in with American policies; then they apply for grants; and then they reward other like-minded persons to work with them using what started out as U.S. Government money to get things started, and keep them going in the "right" direction. Of course the unwritten rules of the road are well understood. The U.S. Government -- in this case in the guise of the Agency for International Development (AID), an arm of the State Department -- gives out the money, the chosen organizations do things that are either approved in advance or "evaluated" as they go. And, of course, should the organizations involved, in this case InterNews, or their man in the Palestinian occupied areas, Daoud Kuttab, not do as told and expected, well, the next time the grant process proceeds someone else gets the money and someone else gets the job. MAB


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